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Thread: Quads doing own bowel program

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    Quads doing own bowel program

    How does this work.
    I am having a hard time obtaining attendants and think that if I could do it myself everything would be better.
    Typically attendant does dig stim for a few minutes until I can push stool out. Total time usually 5 minutes.
    Have wrist extenders, no hand function.
    C 5/6 Comp.
    No Tri's or hand function.

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    If you have wrist extension, you should be able to use both a suppository inserter and a digital stimulator to be more independent in bowel care, and a toilet aid or similar device for clean up. A bidet can also be helpful for clean-up.

    It is easiest to learn how to use these devices if you set your commode chair over a Chux pad or basin on the floor instead of over the toilet, and then use a large mirror on the floor, propped with a towel so you can see down into the mirror and up to your perianal area. This way you can see what you are doing with the suppository inserter and the dig stimmer, at least until you get skilled at their use. Similarly practice with the toilet aid to be sure you are really clean.

    You can get the equipment through a good OT and rehabilitation nurse, or order from Sammons and just try them out on your own.


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    I was taught in rehab to lay on my left side and insert the suppository. Then, after waiting five minutes for the suppository to melt and be absorbed, getting up into the shower/commode chair.

    Most of the time I still stay in bed but the above routine is what I used in college and for the first couple of years.

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    That is ideal, but very difficult to do unless you have full arm and hand function. For those trying to learn to be more independent and use the adaptive equipment above, it is easier to do all of it on the commode.


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    whenever i try to insert suppository sitting on commode, the stool doesnt come out, only the melted suppository. why is that i tried to do bp myself but this keeps happening, what am i doin wrong?

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    I imagine you are correct but as a c6 quad I have no hand function and need to strap the suppository inserter to my hand. It took me months if not a year to be able to do it completely on my own.

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    jus wondering is there are difference in inserting subs while on the toilet or on the bed?? i insert them while in bed wait 30 mins then jump onto toilet
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    I wanted to bump this thread because I am so determined to try and do this on my own but need advice. I take no oral softened, probably don't have the best diet, go every 3 days and you use liquid fleet suppository and lots of dig stem. Help! I want to b independent!

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    It is safer to do your bowel care every other day...every 3rd day is pushing the limits that can long-term lead to problems.

    Have you tried using a regular bisacodyl suppository or Magic Bullet instead of the bisacodyl mini-enema?? It is very difficult to give yourself the latter if you have limited hand function. If you could try those, then you might be a good candidate to use a suppository inserter on your own.

    Have you tried using a dig stimmer on your own??

    Are you doing bowel care in bed or up on a commode?

    How about clean up??? There are devices that can help with this too, or some have found a bidet toilet seat will take care of this without needing to use another device.

    Do you have the ability to get a few sessions with a good SCI OT and/or rehab nurse to help you pick the right equipment and learn how to use it??


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    as always KLD is spot on.

    Hated having anyone near my hoop. When I left the hospital I could barely make a fist, used these -

    They're worth every penny, still use them at home so I don't have to "let my fingers do the walking".

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