Ahmedabad, Jan 8: The bone marrow stem cell transplant of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) and hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) type are now possible in India, opening new avenues for treatment of incurable malignant or genetic disorders.

Dr Alok Shrivastava of the CMC Vellore, who is working on the bone marrow stem cells research said,"Our ability to collect and manipulate the HSC so as to purify them has allowed a novel type of transplantation where stem cells from half HLA matched donors, like parents, can be used for transplantation."

The bone marrow stem cells therapy has enabled thousands of patients to be cured with bone marrow transplantation from HLA matched related donors since 1960. More recently, peripheral blood cells have been used with advantage for the same purpose.

He said, the major limitation in this process had been the lack of suitable donors. Search of alternatives had led to large donor registries being created and use of cord blood banks.

Dr Shrivastava, who is here to attend the 92nd Science Congress, said in recent years apart from the HSC, it had become apparent that the bone marrow had other stem cells that could be used for therapy. The best evaluated of these is the MSC.


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