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Thread: Sci Nurse KLD's mother has passed away

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    Sci Nurse KLD's mother has passed away

    I wasn't sure whether to post this on the Life forum or the Family forum. By default, I decided to post this here.

    It came to light from a post that Sci Nurse KLD made on another thread that her mother has recently passed away. KLD's mother had Multiple Sclerosis. I know that many of us have read posts about care and travel that KLD has made regarding her experiences with her mother.

    NL and I expressed our sympathy and condolences on another thread, but I wanted to give this information a wider audience and our members the opportunity to express their concern and comfort to KLD, without hijacking another member's thread.

    All the best,

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    Oh no! I'm sorry to hear of this! My sincere condolences KLD! You took excellent care of her! December is my mother's anniversary too - 16yrs now - I'm off back home tomorrow for a friend's dad who passed on the 1st as well. Grrrr December!!!
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    :/ my condolences
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    Please accept my condolences, KLD.

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    My sincere condolences, as well.

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    Heartfelt condolences KLD.

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    I am so sorry for your loss KLD... you have been so helpful and understanding for me in my situation, due in large part I'm sure to your personal experience with MS.
    I hope this brings some kind of peace..
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    Sorry for your loss KLD. I know how you must be feeling.....I lost my mother fifteen years ago and my father seventeen years on New Year's Eve. I know you have good memories, and that helps. My mother loved Christmas, so this is the time of year I think of her the most. I hope your memories help to see you through.......

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    Sorry to hear about your mothers passing. You took such good care of her, I'm sure is watching over you now!

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