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Thread: Brooke Ellison, C2 quad, first quad to graduate from Harvard

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    Brooke Ellison, C2 quad, first quad to graduate from Harvard

    Brooke is so fierce, she makes me feel like I need to step up my game lol

    Despite being a vent-dependent quad, she went to Harvard (she's now studying for her PHd at Stoneybrook), was the first quad to graduate, in '06 she ran for the open State Senate seat in NY (unfortunately lost), aaaand Christopher Reeve's last film (he directed) was on her life story.

    Here's my blog on here w/ some cool videos of Brooke, including a commercial for her Senate campaign that I just LOVE
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    Brooke Ellison is both amazing and inspirational. Thanks for posting the link.

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    Even though I am not vent-dependent. I was inspired by Brooke (and a few of my friends who use wheelchairs) to go to college to get my degree in early-childhood. Brooke is a very amazing woman with such a great spirit in spite of her physical challenges.

    I saw the movie on her life story, and some parts of it brought me to tears. While other parts of it made me smile. Thanks for posting the link. Loved it!!!

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