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Thread: CO DME Needed

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    CO DME Needed

    I need a DME near Aspen (wishful thinking) who can change out some parts on my TiLite. I have the parts from my MA DME but they came in too late and they couldn't put them on before I left for CO. I son't really want to travel all the way to Denver.
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    If you have the parts, I'd go talk to Challenge Aspen & see if they have an equipment guy who'll help you out.

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    Challenge Aspen won't touch anything without a signed waiver...and they won't touch anything that doesn't actually belong to them. The parts I need replaced are the brackets from the seat to backrest and the bar that releases the backrest and allows it to fold. The bolts on all the parts are very corroded and will likely need to be drilled out. Unfortunately, my teammate who was going to do it broke his neck the other day at practice (No further SCI, Thankfully), and I am not mechanically inclined.
    Thanks for the suggestion, though. The tech at my home program would have done it without a second thought.
    "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." - My Grammie

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    Ugh. The guys at the Adaptive Sports Center in Crested Butte (~30mi south of Aspen, as the bird flies – driving is another story) would help without hesitation. I'd just look for an auto shop or someone with the right tools. Take a photo of the bracket first, then get someone to bolt a new one on the same way. (Just brainstorming here.)

    Sorry to hear about your teammate, but glad to hear there's no nerve damage. I had some spine problems & a debatable 2nd SCI this year. One round of broken vertebrae isn't enough for some of us, apparently... *sigh*

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    I second the thought of finding an auto shop, or maybe a bike shop, that will do the repair. ATG has purchased and closed just about every DME in Colorado.

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    Any bike or auto place can do that. What about one of the mechanics that work on the lifts and snow cats?

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    Thank you guys! They are all great ides. I will start with the lift mechanics!
    "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." - My Grammie

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