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Thread: Permobil corpus 3G seats — just how adjustable are they?

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    Permobil corpus 3G seats — just how adjustable are they?

    I'm a power chair Virgin who is currently shopping for a used chair on eBay and other used equipment websites. I've noticed that a number of the ads for Permobil chairs include a statement that the chair has a corpus 3G seating system so it's fully adjustable instead of listing the seat width and depth.

    I have looked everywhere trying to find out what "fully adjustable" means and how the chair's seat width and depth are adjusted, starting with the Permobil website and branching out into areas of the Internet that I never dreamed existed. Either I am not searching for the right terminology, or a detailed description doesn't exist because I can't find a straightforward, detailed description of what they consider to be "fully adjustable".

    I'm hoping someone here can educate my newbie self about the adjustable corpus 3G seating systems? How how are the seat height and width adjusted? Do you need to buy a new seat and swap out the old seat for a new one that fits you? Can the adjustments be made by the end-user or do they need to be made by the Permobil dealer? For those folks who are already using a Permobil chair with the corpus seating system, what am I not asking that I should?

    Please help — I are very confused-ed! ~lol ~
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    Hi Newbie, lol
    Check out this brochure:

    Then check out the order form for my M300. My DME tech went over the listed 3-4 times. On it is a whole section dealing with the seating.

    They have the order sheets for all the chair models on this USA website. If you still have questions get back to me.I have the 3G sating. The cushions are velcroed on and can be changed. I have the 3G back but I am using my Roho to sit on.

    Good to see you are still around.
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