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Thread: Topend Force ($700)

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    Topend Force ($700)

    Good mechanical condition Force. Rolled it once in a race and some minor rash on the front right foot stirrup. Cosmetic blemishes but price reflects that. I've upgraded to an R and no longer ride this one. I used a different bottom cushion so this bottom cushion is pretty much factory new. Had the powerplate put on locally so not the prettiest but they function the same. Handgrips are medium, width is 16" on the seat. If you want more details or pictures just shoot me an email ( Would prefer to meet you if you are in the Southeast, but can ship if you pay.

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    Congrats Tman. That was a great deal! You made someone very happy and trustfully they will be a long time handcyclist because of it.

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    Thanks, yeah I was trying to move it quick and it did. Curt was the first of many to email me about it and hopefully it will work out well for him. It was a great bike for me, just upgraded to an R and don't have the room.

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    I'm thrilled with it, it will be great for racing without spending a arm and a leg. I did not want to sell my FRH as it is great for a general rider so the Force will mostly be used for Marathons. I don't think I could ride the Force around the area I generally go for my local rides because it is so low it would catch at intersections as the curbs stick up a little. Thanks Tman. We had Thai food last night when I picked up the bike last night, I've been resting all day today after driving around 11 hours yesterday, lol.
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