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    Originally posted by DougB:

    Don't forget the south korean woman, 20 years post injury and now walking. I think it is very realistic that sometime in 2006 something very positive will happen!

    Doug B.
    Unfortunately this is the exact kind of BS story I'm talking about. If it where anything near a real cure she would never be up and walking in that short amount of time.
    I did a stand pivet at 17 years and broke my femur.
    You just don't get up and walk like that.

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    I have concluded the vast majority of SCI research is not application oriented; it's research oriented. Research begats more research, which begats more research, which. . . . .

    Miami Project has studied Schwann cells for 18 years, still don't know many cells should be injected in a human spinal cord.

    John McDonald cured rats in 1999, that was 6 years ago.

    Dr. Xu at the Kentucky spinal cord center told me in 2003 that although they have successfully regenerated modest numbers of axons in the lab, he said don't exprct anything significant for 10 years.

    Hans Kierstad at Reeve-Irvine has been showing videos of walking rats for 2 years now.

    Mission connect in Houston stated if they could get a paralyized muscle group to "twitch" in the next ten years, this would be significant.

    Questions about what and when have already been answered in Dr. Young's, "Ten frequently asked questions. . . ." topic. That's the best we have to go on.

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    Schmeky, the answer is well-designed clinical trials and funding for such trials. Wise.

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    Agreed Dr. Young. I realize such an undertaking is costly & complex.

    Disheartening to read about advancements only to realize meaningful application is many many years away.

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    Funding = application = Cure.

    The more funding the shorter the time frame.

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    Without accountability you can have all the funding in the world and it will get you nowhere.
    Human clinical trials will equal a cure.
    We need organization. We need specific goals.
    The China SCI Network is looking good.

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    Is there an organized coalition of SCI people that have lobbiests for our cause? The best way to achieve a cure is for all countries working on a cure to collaborate...share information and costs for a cure! Guess it probably won't happen under "W's" watch but it would help our cause. We need to be organized like the folks with aids or cancer. Seems like we are the invisible, silent minority.

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    Dr. Young,

    What are the true facts on the South Korean woman? Was the reporting by CBS misrepresenting the facts? The story, if true, clearly stated that with the aid of a walker, she took a few steps for the reporters. Was this fact, fiction or just more BS? It was all over this website at the time. This is where I heard of it.

    Doug B.

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    I love it how organizing funding is left all to us, no help from the outside. Let's make some of the most immobile and dependent patients in the world organize all the funding themselves.

    sherman brayton

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    The facts that I have are the same as everybody else has. I have commented that it is not clear how much the woman has recovered and, if there has been recovery, what it is due to. As the researchers themselves pointed out, they do not have a cure and one case does not prove that the treatment is effective. We need to know a lot more before concluding that this therapy is effective and safe.


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