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Thread: Bringing a portable ramp to an inaccessible bar

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    I keep a portable ramp with me that can handle up to a foot high clearance. This works for me...

    I agree go to the party and have a good time...
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    thanks everyone for your replies!

    so i ended up going the easy route - took my manual chair instead, and had my bf bump me up the steps. i was too paranoid of the possibility liability worries of the owners. i usually use a powerchair.

    i did buy a lightweight ramp last year, but its really chintzy and not all that safe.
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    Glad you went. Hope you had a great time.

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    It's over 2 decades since the ADA passed, there shouldn't be any non-compliant bars. How many more decades must we wait.
    I would write to the owner suggesting how he could come into compliance.

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    Glad you made it to the party Theo.

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    Glad you went T. For some reason the song with the line of "Don't take your guns to town son, leave your guns at home" comes to mind except it'd be "Don't take your ramp to the bar girl, leave your ramp at home."

    I'm sure you made that bar shine with your beautiful smile and wonderful way about you. Your boyfriend is blessed having a woman such as you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Rolfe View Post
    It's over 2 decades since the ADA passed, there shouldn't be any non-compliant bars. How many more decades must we wait.
    I would write to the owner suggesting how he could come into compliance.
    Ben, in my experience the ADA has very little power and effect. Even the places that have done some work to be accessible make themselves inacessible. Handicapped bathrooms used as storeroooms for supplies, mops etcetera. Lowered service counters closed with merchandise or in the case of Wells Fargo, the lowered teller window used as a permanent office for new accounts. I could go on and on and on and on. It's nearly hopeless. I have given up on the idea that the ADA is going to make much difference in my grandchildren's lifetime (if I had any). It's people's attitudes, both the business owners and employees and, the people who enforce access codes. They're nearly all able-bodied and think of access as a nice thing to have, sometimes the fair thing to do but almost never do they think of it as a law that must be followed. It's hopeless.

    Learn to adapt yourself because they aren't going to be accessible. The fight broke my heart a long time ago. It's "the Emporer has no clothes", we can see it but no one else can.

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    ADA effectiveness is dependent on disabled activism. It depends on people confronting those who are non-compliant. It is a continuing battle just as civil rights are for minorities. Apathy can only lead to erosion. For those who do not believe ADA is effective, you should see how we had it before the law was passed. Going with the flow will take take the country back to that hellish era. Let that happen and you will regret it. End of sermon.
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    But it's so incredibly slow with so many setbacks. Years ago I reported a business out of compliance, a CD store. The owner did $75,000 in long delayed improvements, making the store accessible. Then he stuck a $25 bookcase in the entry way and no wheelchair could get in. At my gym they went to a fingerprint and PIN check-in system. The did not install one at the lowered accessible counter. I complained to every manager and each employee. I made it an issue. I was given promises. The last promise was from the most recent manager who told me the Vice President of the company (whoever that is) was taking care of it personally. That was four months ago. They have since installed another computer terminal and register at the lowered counter and it's less usable for anything than ever. I could give examples until I couldn't keep typing. It's maddening. Power assisted door openers at uneven landings so chair users can get it, with their power turned off almost every time. At major stores and mom and pop's. No register at lowered counters. Closed accessible counters with large signs (from the State) saying that the counter may never be closed. On and on.

    Is it better? Hell yes. I've seen the changes, important ones but the fight, it just won't end and it's all so slow. I worked at a National Park that had a customer service booth built in 2000 that was totally inacessible to any staff using wheelchair, walkers or crutches or if you were of short stature. After taking many photos and measurements I filed a Federal complaint. Four years ago I was told that action was being taken. I haven't been back to see what. By the way, that was the same park where the staff Christmas party was on the second floor of an inacessible area. This happened a month after I arrived. I figured, okay, it's wrong for everyone but in my case I'm new and I want to be a team player, I'll wait a year. Next year the exact same thing and I'd talked about it with everyone. Try using an acccessible counter at a Social Security office. I give you a 50% chance it's open or usable.

    Yes there needs to be a fight but I feel broken by what I see. It feels like moving grains of sand to change a beach. I just feel sad when I see lack of access now and very surprised when I see access, it catches me off-guard. Keep preaching and I hope you can start my hope again. For now I just feel like it's hopeless. Maybe it is time for me to stop complaining, go back and study my history.

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    As grommet said, there are the liability issues.

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