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Thread: 2004 vs 2005

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    2004 vs 2005

    2004 was supposed to be "the year".

    Will 2005 be "it"?

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    Yes I believe 2005 will be the year we get a complete chronic injury significant motor & sensory recovery in a human trial. IMHO 2005 will be a major breakthrough year.

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    I want to first introduce myself by saying that a couple of my best friends are injured. I've been coming to this forum for almost a year now and I want to congratulate everyone on what an incredible source of information and inspiration you all are.

    I am in awe at how quickly, almost instantinous, up-to-the-minute research results are posted. When I first started coming to the site, I found myself wanting to log-in three, four, five times a day and I was caught up in the excitment of the research that is taking place around the world.

    After a few months, I started to get a little disalluioned and angry at why the research is taking so long. "With all these new announcements why can't they begin human trials, I thought." And then I found myself starting to get more and more angry but still coming to this forum non-stop.

    After a while and after almost 50 hours of talking to scientists, I better understood the process and why it takes so much time. I found that I had to literally begin to wean myself off the amount of time I spent here. It wasn't good for my emotional well-being. I realized that I had to also continue to live my life and balance that with my desire to stay informed about the latest research results and to constantly remind myself at the truth of how quickly the science is really moving forward.

    My intent in this email is not to attack anyone. And I also acknowledge that I can never fully comprehend what life must be like to be paralyzed. I can empathis as I am HIV+ what life is like with a terminal condition.

    With that said, my question is to those who are injured and who spend a large amount of your time here - are you getting so caught up by the amount of new information that is being presented here everyday that you get depressed by the perceived lack of progress being made when in truth it is astonishing?

    Is there a need to find a balance of living life to the best of one's abilitiy (there are so many examples of those who are injured doing so) and of staying informed?

    Just curious about your thoughts. And I apologize in advance if this message offends anyone as that is not my intent.

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    Glad to see you posting LetsGo. I have been injured since 1981 and every year I have said to myself maybe this will be the year. At the same time I have gone on with my life and tried to live it the best I can with the way that I am. So sorry to hear that you have HIV, there are many good drugs these days for this kind of thing and just because you are HIV positive does not necessarily mean a death sentance, there are many people living long productive lives with HIV. I think it is mainly about attitude and trying to overcome obsticals and not letting it pull you down. It is all about how you percieve yourself and the future and keeping a good outlook.

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    Thanks Curt - glad to hear the feedback and thanks for your concern about my health. I just want everyone to know that I don't want this to be "about me or my HIV" but about the balance between living and information.

    BTW - my infection has given me so many blessings that I can't even begin to count them. Most important of all the knowledge that I will die. Through this, I have found my will to live everyday and am reminded at how beautiful things can be when we all work together for the common good.

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    2003 was the big science year.
    2004 was the paper work for trials year.
    2005 will be trials year.

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    I think that 2006 will actually be the year that we see the start of significant trials. I'm probably influenced quite a bit by the proposed timeline of the China trials network plan.

    LetsGo, you bring up a very valid point in my opinion. I find myself getting somewhat depressed if I spend too much time here reading through the posts. I do think that science will eventually catch up with us though. In the meantime, I remind myself that I need to keep myself healthy and work to make others in my community aware of the importance of SCI research. I also keep myself busy with work and personal interests.

    LetsGo, good luck in your fight.


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    Your perspective and view of SCI research is important. Thank for joining this forum. I agree with your comments.


    I feel mid-2006-2007 will be the beginning of human trials that may prove significant. There will be no better clinical trials than the China Network in the foreseeable future. I hope the China trials don't get unduly delayed as has practically all other proposed clinical trials.

    There will be other trials and I hope they too prove significant, but they will be small and limited to only a few people for several years.

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    I predicted that 2005 would be the 'it' year back in 2000. I'm not so sure now, due primarily because the entire CRPA bill has yet to pass. SCI doesn't get much monetary support from the NIH and that doesn't bode well for rapid advances.

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    The science is here the funding is not.

    The timeline, imo, should concern applicable, consistent, readily available human clinical trials.

    So far I haven't seen established nor been recruited/considered for any 2005 trials - anywhere. Have any of you?

    Athough hopefully optimistic I don't see 2005 as a breakthrough year for the simple reason of woefully underfunded efforts.

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