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Thread: On miracles and magic

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    On miracles and magic

    This is in response to this topic by rdf - 'A Spiritual Cure' - since rdf's question is about whether or not anyone knows of someone who has received a 'spiritual cure' of any kind, and the responses are getting off topic, here's a topic to discuss the belief systems around miracles and magic.

    I'll start off by saying that I believe very strongly in both miracles and magic - and not in a 'Christian' sense necessarily. I believe in the miracle of birth, in the miracle of a butterfly emerging from its cacoon, and the first rose of the summer. I believe in the magic of the full moon, the magic of my lover's eyes, the magic of the possibility of other realms.

    Yes, most of those can be 'explained' by science; but I ask what parent here has ever looked into their babies eyes and not thought, 'this is a miracle'.

    To me, to have no sense of the magical or mystical, is to look upon life and all the beauty and bounty Mother Earth has to give us, and have no sense of wonder at all. How boring.

    What people say, what people do, and what they say they do are entirely different things. - Margaret Mead

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    I wonder about life. If there was a creator, why did he do it?
    I wonder if we maybe came in a spaceship like a Noah's ark from another world.
    I wonder about evolution and still have many questions, such as it makes sense for the spinal cord not to grow after adulthood, so if that was a mutation what happened to the beings before? How did they exist with a continually growing nervous system?

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    Originally posted by ROYALTY79:

    When I first realized I was paralyzed, about two weeks later, I cried all day. Then something struck me and I begin to pray. Asking God to please show a sign that I would be OK.
    I wanted to comment on this post in the other topic because it struck home with me.

    I was raised in the United Church in the country where, you went to church with your neighbours and the minister and his wife would often visit mid-week. When I went to school, we were allowed to say the Lord's Prayer. I remember sitting on my front porch praying for the hostages in Iran in 1979 because it had been mentioned in church the week before.

    When I was twelve and my paralysis came on the way it did (sudden onset of Transverse Myelitis) in 1985, I remember lying in the hospital bed that night by myself in the dark - begging God to make me better. I can vividly remember lips silently moving, staring at the ceiling with tears streaming down my face trying to wiggle my toes, pleading. I must have stayed like that until I fell asleep in the early hours of the morning.

    The next time I woke up, I was still paralyzed. My family wasn't there and some nurse was asking if I knew my name and what day it was.

    That day, I lost any faith that had been nurtured into me. From that day forward, I hated God.

    When I came home from the hospital three months later, the small country church wanted to know if I wanted modifications done so I could still attend. I wanted nothing to do with it and told them to save their money - I would be leaving home in a few years anyway.

    A series of unfortunate family events followed. People in the community actually wondered if we were stricken by bad luck or what. My parents stopped going to church. The minister and his wife eventually gave up the church and moved. Attendance at the church slowly dwindled.

    Eight years ago, my mother died and I wanted to believe that there was a Heaven, but I was still mad at God.

    Today, that church is struggling to stay afloat and only seven families donate more than a thousand dollars per year to it - including my father who re-married in that church last year.

    I can hardly fathom a kind loving God who paralyzes a 12yr old with no particular reason. People often ask me how Transverse Myelitis is caused (there is no known specific cause) and I often reply that it was devine intervention. God pointed his spindly wrinkled finger down upon me and said, 'You, your life shall suck.'

    All I know now is that if there is a Heaven, there had better be a good explanation for all this in the end.

    P.S. I realised after reading what I wrote that I have put my faith in humanity for a cure to undo God's terrible mistake. Wow, I'm going to have to think about that one ...

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    I can somewhat understand your fustration. but my question is:what made you come to the conclusion that GOD gave you tat terrible disease? why could'nt have the devil "point his spindly wrinkled finger down upon you and say, 'You, your life shall suck."?

    To be or not to be....IS THAT REALLY THE QUESTION? (hmmm)

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    I remember Johnny Carson and James Randi debunking Geller on national television. For those who have never heard of Uri, this guy had a magic spoon bending routine that fooled many, many people. He claimed to bend spoons and keys with his mind. It is suggested that a little manipulation of the hardware - preparing the spoons by bending them repeatedly until just before they break - combined with the will to believe made Uri a star. Being a magician himself, the famous talk show host, Johnny Carson, called fellow magician and debunker, James Randi, and together they set poor Uri up. While on camera and at the last second, Carson handed Geller a regular set of spoons to use; instead of the ones that Geller had brought. Geller suddenly lost his powers.

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    Originally posted by ROYALTY79:

    why couldn't the devil have
    A good question and one that has been verbally posed to me by several of the God-fearing senior citizens contained within my apartment building. I don't purport to have all the answers, I just know how I feel. Betrayed.

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    Originally posted by lynnifer:

    P.S. I realised after reading what I wrote that I have put my faith in humanity for a cure to undo God's terrible mistake. Wow, I'm going to have to think about that one ...
    Lynnifer, I understand your frustration & can't say anything to counter those feelings.

    I want you know know that I believe, as a Christian who hasn't experienced significant healing regardless of countless prayers, it's not a bad thing to wait on humanity... why? The Bible mentions that the body of Christ (a.k.a. Christians, regardless of sect or denomination) are God's hands & feet in this world. While miraculous acts aren't seen too frequently these days, I still believe God is at work. I'm doing my best to be part of the effort to find a cure, and I believe that in some form or another, God will use me through that. How, I'm not sure. If my efforts personally are not all that effective, I can at the very least say I gave my best. I don't fully understand how God works, but I know he does a LOT outside of the realm of dramatic miracles.

    Hang in there. I really, really hate living like this too.

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