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Thread: Pet's and wheel chairs

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    Question Pet's and wheel chairs

    hi I found a kitten a few months back, she's doing great...but a few times I've almost run her over....I'm really careful but she sometimes might sit behind my chair and I can't see her...any idea's on how to keep her paws and tail safe from my chair....what do other people do???
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    Tut tut tut at them ... associate the noise with scaring them back by quick movement of your arms. Or psst psst psst ... some noise like that. Or keep treats and throw them across the room when you need to move.

    A tail is 100% going to be run over at some point. Guaranteed. They get over it.
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    I have two cats. One was a one trial learner (tail only), the other a two trial learner(tail and paw). They are both OK. Now the cars deliberately block my path, because they know I watch out for them. You will train each other to be safe I'll bet.

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    sorry but that is the way they learn or form another pet i just got a miniature schnauzer and I got him about 3 times ,not the Chihuahua that came after learn by watching her. not once i have Rand here over but i have to teller to move .good luck whit it
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    I say "Psst" and "Watch feet" or "watch tail". Believe me, they only need to get run over once to figure it out.

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    We had Spot for years before Ry came home in a power chair. She has not been run over in over 3.5 years. She hovers around him and has always been able to get out of the way in time. I am the only one who gets scared.

    Do not think that Spot is smart. She was raised by adolescent boys who would throw her toy down the hall and laugh when she ran full force into the linen closet at the end of the hall. The floor is hardwood and she still does not have any traction but I do not throw the toy so hard that it goes that far. She has some neuro damage because she cannot eat her crunchy food without making a mess because the food falls out as she chews. More food goes in the trash (it is not fit to eat once it has hit the floor) than goes in her belly.

    When Ry first came home, Spot was curious/afraid of the chair. Now, she has no fear of it. He tried playing "Kick the Cat" to get her to stay clear of the chair. She has since figured that it is an extension of him and no big deal. --eak
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    If you have a horn button on your chair. The noise might scare them if you use your horn button on your power chair. It has worked with my cats. They're also scared of the noise that my chair makes when I push the power button which tells me that my power chair is on.

    I also say, "Psss, psss psss," at them to gently remind them to get out of the way. My brother told me one day when he was over at my house, "Why don't you catapult them out of the way. Just go, 'here kitty, kitty, kitty', and then he demonstrates kicking his leg up in the air. He was only teasing. But, since he and I are the children of a veterinarian, and I've always grown up around animals my whole life (and loved them). I would never in my life do that to my cats. They both mean so much to me.

    You could also shake a newspaper at them, or take a squirt bottle of water, and spray it at them. That always works with my cats too.

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    My puppy learned the command "watch out" quickly. I didn't mean it to be a command, but just said it a lot as he was only 2 lbs and needed to MOVE. Now when anyone says it he quickly gets out of the way. When using a powerchair the click of the joystick will soon be learned as well. When they hear that click they know to get moving!
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    My dog eventually learned to steer clear of the wheelchair, unless there is a skateboard, squirrel, cat, or other dog nearby. But now she realizes I won't risk a big vet bill and she sleeps in front of the chair no matter how much I yell at her. Sometimes she will get up with enough coaxing though, but she isn't pleased. Sometimes I can reach down and shove her out of the way or take an alternate route.

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    thank's guy's all good idea's, and will try them.....on the most part she keeps away when i'm's the times when I can't see her that worries me most, no amount of hisssing will help......if she's inside I always find out where she is before i move...sometimes she lies so close to my chair wheels...I can't see her...
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