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Thread: Pet's and wheel chairs

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    My dog, hairBall, a mal-shi just short of 3 years old has never been run over and he hangs around me all the time. He only weighs 9+ lbs. He is practically "glue" and I have never done this inside or outside.
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    A lot depends on tails, or lack thereof. The velcro pets know what we're going to do before we do imo. I have one. His safe place is under my chair.

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    I have 5 dogs. They've all been run over at some point. It doesn't take long for them to get out of the way. It's been years since I've run over any of them. They learn quickly, as do people!
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    My poor little shi tzu learned quick to get out of my way. The cat always knew she couldn't rub on my legs like she did everyone else.

    They learn but not without an injury or two. Daisy got a broken tail from my big uncontrollable feet. But she never got in my way again. I felt horrible because I loved that little dog like my child.

    Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades lol

    Can you use a horn or some sort of noise so she knows to move. They learn really quick if you are repetitive with it.
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    Just wheel freely and ;et the fur fly as it may. Your Dog and or cat will love you unconditionally and one way or another they will learn to avoid getting under your wheels and will accept it as a part of the life they have been granted and they will serve you faithfully as your loving companion. If you get a cat though be forewarned that it will probably sprawl out wherever it wants to and that it will probably challenge your authority and even pretend that you don't even exist when you tell it to get out of your way

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    i still run my cat over. lol it's a terrible feeling tho. she is black so at night when i go to the bathroom, she is hard to see.
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    I have had few cats , still have 2 and rolled over their tails more than once, when they are in same room, I move slower and they have time to move. They learn, and also you should learn your kitten how to jump on your lap, it's fun and useful when you have to cure them.
    One of them is not afraid of my car and that's a bigger problem, I found that I must slow down but not stop otherwise cat has no idea in which direction the car will move next.

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    I always say beep beep and they move fast

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    When I got my cat 11 years ago we had a few "close" calls with her tail. Nothing major, just some fur pulled out. She was a quick learner and is now very good at doing her evasive dance as I dart about. She seems to know where I'm going before I go I love her so and l'm glad I don't have to worry about running her over.
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    do psssssttt!!!! only a couple times, and they will look out for you. when she discovers your chair makes a good cat bed, then you got a problem. you have to have one of those sticky lint rollers and clean off the cushion before you get in.

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