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Thread: lumbosacral plexopathy?

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    lumbosacral plexopathy?

    Three years on from a badly herniated disc and inflammation (and microdiscectomy to remove compression) I seem to be loosing more muscle and function from my glutes and have worsening bladder issues. I already have no motor function unilaterally below the knee and hamstring weakness. Went back to see my dr and he suggested I may have also injuried the sacral plexus in the original incident (which herniated the disc - a very awkward heavy twisting fall playing hockey). He is suggesting we followup with MRI's. EMG's and nerve conductance testing done a year after injury said that finding were consistent with a lumbosacral plexopathy but that was unlikely from the history.

    I'm wondering
    a) does this sound likely - could a twisting fall damage these nerves in addition to the disc?
    b) can an MRI show this type of injury?
    c) how could it be fixed?
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    I have no answers, but hope you can find some.

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    Live2ride, I empathize! I notice your post is over two years old, and I wonder how you are doing (and if you will even see this). I was unofficially diagnosed with LSP by my MD in Feb (?) 2012, confirmed by a neurologist in June, after an EMG. She told me that LSP *usually* affects diabetics below the waist, non-diabetics above the waist. Do you have diabetes?

    Muscle loss has been massive in my thighs and calves. Pain, excruciating! Physical therapy was halted in September because she felt trying to walk with a walker was inflaming the nerves more, so I have been confined to a wheelchair since then. Normally, she says, LSP 'goes away' in time, and patients recover in 6-12 months; my case is 'stubborn' and she thinks it may take a year and a half.... I hope to hear how you are--I hope, better.

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    I would follow-through on the recommendations. If you have had changes in function/condition a new MRI and EMG are required to see the current status. No recommendations for treatment can be made until these tests are back. They should be compared with your physical exam.

    keep us updated.


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