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Thread: my addition

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    my addition

    I know I havent posted in a while, but heres my beautiful baby boy , Taylor

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    congrats Lisa
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    Many congratulations!

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    Congrats! My son's name is Taylor, too!

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    Congratulations New mom.

    What a nice Christmas gift.
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    Very gorgeous!
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    He is beautiful! I wish you a long and happy life together.

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    Mazel tov!
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    Congratulations Lisa. Children are truly a blessing to have. They are so much fun at any age. Especially when they are babies. I knew a little boy named Taylor once as I used to babysit him. He loved me so much as he saw right past my disability, and right into my heart. Every time his parents were going out. Taylor would always beg them to let me be his babysitter.

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    Congrats! Much happiness!

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