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Thread: Easy Stand 6000 Glider - standing frame exerciser

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    Easy Stand 6000 Glider - standing frame exerciser

    Condition: Used, but in full working condition. Some signs of wear on the main handle covers...few bolts rusted - vinyl is in great condition. I have pictures if you want to see them

    Manufacturers Description:
    The EasyStand 6000 Glider provides safe, dynamic leg motion and upper body exercise during standing therapy. You simply transfer to the seat, pump up to a standing position, and move the glide handles for leg motion and upper body therapy. The ergonomically designed glide handles are linked allowing one leg to move forward while the other moves back. The geometric design of the leg support system prevents vertical shearing while legs are in motion. With its adjustable resistance, users can enjoy a mild or vigorous workout while enhancing the therapeutic benefits of standing. It provides dynamic leg motion for the disabled, upper body exercise is adjustable from mild to vigorous, enhances the therapeutic benefits of standing and can be used as a both a stander and an exerciser.

    Asking Price: 2,400.00 or Better Offer!

    Please email me at marcchickery@yahoo(dot)com - I have pictures available including a craigslist posting. See Below


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    Easy Stand 6000 Continued

    I also want to say - I picked the unit up in a storage facility, so I am looking to move it! I'm open to all offers!

    I even took a video of me using it if you wanted me to send!



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    Is your unit still available?

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