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    New SCI

    Hi I am from New Zealand, my son had his neck broken back in April he is classed as a incomplete tetraplegic and is still very angry... he has been in hospitals since April, I am with him everyday, most of the damage that has been done to him has been by surgery. He has been in the operating threatre 8 times. He had the 8th one last Wednesday we are hopeful that they have fixed the problem this time, he won't have anymore. During the first surgery to hold his neck together his esophagus was pinned under the plate and screwed into the bone, it tore a huge hole in his throat and they been trying to repair it, also during that first surgery he received nerve damage to his arm and has lost the use of it, it was working just fine untill then. that is just some of what has happened to my son. Its a very long story 7 months long.

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    I'm so sorry to hear about the terrible struggles that your son has experience during the last seven months. I wish that I could say that things will get better because I remember how desperate we were when our son was injured. Prayer is all we can turn to during difficult times.


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    I am so sorry. Please keep us updated on your son's status.


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