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Thread: Selling Tobii C12 with Tobii CDot Tracker

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    Selling Tobii C12 with Tobii CDot Tracker

    We are selling like new Tobii C12 with CDot Tracker which we received in January of this year. This device not being used so I’d like to see it go to the right individual who can really benefit from it. The Tobii Communicator software alone is worth its weight in gold as it is easy to use and personalize to your specific conversational needs.

    The device comes with all the accessories, backup batteries, software and necessary manuals. It operates exactly just like a PC using Windows 7. The individual can listen to music, write, surf the web, or go on facebook. There is a built-in stand but I would suggest purchasing something a little more sturdy. Also, internet access is a one time fee available on Tobii’s website.

    Also included is the CDot Tracker. The Tobii CDot Tracker is a head mouse tracker that replaces a regular mouse. It works by tracking the exact movements of a small reflective dot that is placed on the forehead, nose, glasses or any other visible area of the body. Once the dot is placed, its movements are tracked by a high-resolution, intelligent camera and are instantly translated into accurate mouse cursor movements. Clicking can be done through dwell (the pausing of the cursor over an object on the screen for a preprogrammed amount of time), by using a switch.

    I’m looking for $5200. I’ll insure it and ship it anywhere in the U. S. No charge.
    If you have questions or would like more information email any time. I can also send photos.

    Thank you for your time.

    ~ Michael
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