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Thread: AWD vehicle with large doors

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    AWD vehicle with large doors

    Anyone out there have a AWD or 4x4 vehicle that has nice big doors they like. I currently have a car and trail blazer and want to get rid of both for a smaller SUV type of vehicle like the size of a KIA for example....anyone have ideas?

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    AWD makes it tough. Subaru impreza hatch have decent sized doors. I'm starting to look at the Cadillac cts sport wagon as it has an awd option. The new mini paceman that comes out next year is rumoured to have an s option with awd.

    For SUV's I've used a rav4 that worked pretty well and there are lots of other options but you have to watch for overall seat height on a lot.

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    look at volvo xc 70/90 and the new audi wagon

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    I have a 2011 Subaru Outback and it is perfect for me. The doors are plenty wide, the height is exactly in line with my wheelchair seat, and the back is large enough to hold the chair without breaking it down at all.

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    I'm waiting for the BMW 328I station wagon, be at dealers in Spring. Has good space in wagon and doors, for a 4 door.

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    Toyota Venza.
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    What do you intend to use AWD/4WD for & how much are you looking to spend?

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    Mazda 5. Not sure about awd though. YouTube 'Hawaii Mobility's Mazda 5'. That's the setup I have.
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    Honda Element? Though I think that they quit making it in 2011.

    BTW - Any rain/moisture out there? I know southern/southeast SD is DRY. Just wondering.
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    I have a 2013 Hyundai Tucson, and it has pretty wide doors. The Subaru Outback also has wide doors as well, and comes standard with AWD.

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