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Thread: " terminater hand "

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    " terminater hand "

    If you know what the "terminater hand" is? Or have one? Will Medicare pay for one?

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    Are you an upper extremity amputee???

    Here is some information I found on that item:

    It appears to be a very sophisticated myoelectric prosthesis...and no, Medicare does not cover this type of prosthetic arm.

    For someone with a SCI to use it, you would have to amputate your lower arm and hand first...and still have motor control over the muscles in your shoulder and upper arm.


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    Thank you kld but
    This is a video on spinapedia that Chris colwell does under the adaptive devices section then you go to gadgets. It show a device that you slip over your hand and it inproves your grip.if you would check out this video for and let me know what you think. I don't know how to share the link on my phone

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    Adapted devices > Gadgets > Quadriplegic Terminator Hand

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