My family has run into similar situations regarding the "quest" for diagnosis. My sister had a post surgical ischemic injury in the thoracic region, with the majority of the necrotic damage/scarring located in her right anterolateral thoracic cord. After about ten weeks (when a good portion of the post traumatic swelling resolved), her modality recovery was very similar to that of BS, however, since the anterior spinal artery and its radicular arteries were likely predominantly impacted at injury, her posterior column was never really damaged, or minimally damaged. She would be a good example of an incomplete injury that does not necessarily fit all the characteristics of just one of the "common" syndromes. By definition it is not BSS, since the posterior column was spared, and it also isnt truly ACS, as there was also substantial pain/temp deficit. This is fairly common if I recall, its rare to see a "pure" BSS, ACS, PCS, CCS, but a lot of incompletes often demonstrate a few symptomatic indicators of multiple "common" syndromes.

I wish you and your husband the best