I have a friend who is 6 months post-SCI. He is in assisted living right now and not very happy. I am wondering what general abilities are realistic for him trying to live semi-independently with some help from a PCA.

I don't know his exact level of functional capability, but do know that he has reasonable upper body strength. He is currently cath'ed but looking to start rehab again to wean off the cath. He also needs help with transfers.

Any general pointers for someone who will not have a lot of assistance from friends and family, but can probably get some assistance for a PCA a few hours a day?

Also, he is still only at 6 months, but as someone who has experienced the long rehab times for stroke, I am trying to encourage him to get a decent wheelchair. He is currently using a rented depot chair. I have suggested that he consider a used chair off E-bay, but he is not very open to this idea because he feels strongly that he will be walking soon. Should I be encouraging him on this or not? I don't want to discourage his recovery, but if he want's to live semi-independently, I think mobility will be very important.