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Thread: Colostomy Questions For a Quad

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    I had 1 of these and The thing F * C K I N G SUCKED!!! That states it mildly. I should have shot the doctors who did this shit. I did have tons of other abdominal issues from my accident. 1 THERE IS QUESTION IF STOOL WAS THE STUFF ON MY SPINAL CORD INSIDE ME THAT DID WHAT i AM NOW. 2 THE THING ALWAYS LEAKED SHIT ALL OVER THE PLACE. I WAS SO PISSED THEY PUT ME IN MENTAL HOSPITAL. I should have thrown the damn shit bags at them. The placement was sort of over hip bone and would NEVER attach securely. FINAL, I was so pissed off, THEY HAD TO REVERSE THE DAMN THING. That only brief of story. I would DIFINATELY NOT SUGGEST DOING THAT VOLUNTARILY.
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