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Thread: I need to weigh my fat ass!!

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    I need to weigh my fat ass!!

    I'm looking for a way to weigh myself on a regular basis. I'm thinking there must be something I can attach to my track lift. Anyone have any thoughts? Thxs.

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    What brand of track lift do you have? Most of the companies offer this as an accessory, although they are NOT cheap. The one above might work for you. If there is a medical reason you need to weigh on a regular basis, your insurance may cover this (we do for the VA for those with heart failure or renal failure, for example).

    Also check out local clinics and hospitals, esp. rehabilitation hospitals or centers. Many have wheelchair scales, and don't mind someone from the outside coming it to use it. We do this all the time at my center. Of course you need to know your wheelchair's weight as well.

    Some people have done OK with putting a regular bathroom scale on a chair (must be level) and then transferring onto it.

    We just purchased this high tech one for our home care nurse to use on home visits, but it is VERY expensive:


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    I looked for years. Even my physiatrist who is in the rehab clinic in the biggest local hospital doesn't have one. My mom is in a retirement community and there is a wheelchair scale next to the nurses station. Nobody says a word

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    Someone on this site, I think it was Truly gave a great tip that I've been using. She sets regular bathroom scales on her fire place hearth and then transfers on to them and hold her legs up with her arms to get all of the weight. My husband sets our bathroom scales on the kitchen table and then picks me up and sets me on them once a week. I hold my legs to my chest so all of my weight is on the scales and he reads it for me and then sets me back in my chair.

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    My local hospital has a rehab unit (very small and not an accredited unit) and they have a wheelchair scale. One day, on the advise of a physiatrist with whom I consulted, NL and I visited the unit and chatted with the nurses. Now we go in any time we want, say Hi, sometimes take a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers and use the scales.

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    I saw this online a while back. I've never used it. It looks fairly easy to make. I may try making one myself.

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    This idea of two scales and a sheet of wood is great. Simply add the two weights together taking into account the weight of the wood. If stability seems to be an issue, three scales should work, just add the three weights together. I wish I'd seen this idea before buying a WC scale off craigslist.

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    I will try the home depot solution. Thx for the feedback.

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    I got a freight scale off Amazon a couple weeks ago and simply put a piece of 4 x 4 x 3/4 inch ply wood over it centered and wheel onto it with my chair to weigh myself, works great. It self zeros with the weight of the plywood as that is on there when you turn on the power button, it runs on a 9 volt battery, I mounted the readout panel on the wall in the garage and when not in use lean the plywood and the scale platform against the wall in the garage. I had a friend wheel my chair with the cushion and my sneekers sitting on the cushion and it weight 37.5 lbs so I simply deduct 37.5 lbs from my total weight, total weight was 261.20 lbs minus 37.5 lbs for the chair, therefore I weigh 223.70 lbs.
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