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Thread: Tools/ items you can't live without

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    I also have a hair dryer stand, that my brother shortened so I can have it on my make-up table when I dry my hair. I also bought a palette from I put all my shadows, powder foundation and highlighter in there. It saves me the trouble of having to fumble opening containers when I'm in a hurry getting ready for school.
    how is it to open because I was looking at this too
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    One of my favorites is also one of the simplest. I put small braided nylon rope from the door handle to the inside of the door frame. I attached it to the door frame with a small eyelet screw. When I pass through the door, I hook my hand through rope and pull the door closed behind me. It is so useful that the able bodied folks in my house use it when their hands are full and they can catch the rope with a finger. I've been using this for decades.

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    Always one in the car. The first one lasted 20 years!

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