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Thread: Tools/ items you can't live without

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim C. View Post
    if we had the respective spinal connections to do so.
    The best tools not to live without would be my HANDS.
    Lol. Seriously

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    I read about reach flossers on here and they work really for me. I hated having someone else floss my teeth!!
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    Thank you Rachelle, finally, an SCI'd that ..

    Quote Originally Posted by ECUrach85 View Post
    Lol. Seriously
    Thank you Rachelle, finally, an SCI'd that didn't lose her common sense when she lost her axons. Few things I'd rather do than to kick my dependency on velcro, but then I'd probably starve I'm tired of watching my hands flap in the breeze. Not a day goes by that I'm not desperately trying to somehow outstretch my fingers on command from their semi-curled position they have remained in for the past 10 years. F#&K !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by QnMary View Post
    I read about reach flossers on here and they work really for me. I hated having someone else floss my teeth!!
    I found the disposable ones wasteful. Also I couldnt get it through my tightly spaced teeth as I need the glide floss. I got from my dentist a Y shaped holder on which I replace the floss.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KSpell View Post
    what do quads, even super quads (with extremly strong wrists) do for cutting meat especially at restaruants?
    Be cool. Ask for them to cut it in the kitchen. Leave above 30%. How valuable is your time? Money makes the world go round. If you're going to go out, think about what you will need to ask for.

    For me, it is limited to a cutting the meat and pouring some my beer into a plastic cup and maybe a straw. Nothing that a restaurant cannot handle.

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    For the quadriplegic, some useful tools:

    1. Automatic letter opener
    2. Knife with a Velcro loop on the handle
    3. vise to hold nail clippers, etc.
    4. High-speed rotary tool (Dremel)-I put a diamond disk and can cut, grind, and sculpt. It is useful, for example, for opening plastic clamshell packaging. I have a powerful one that plugs in the wall and a cordless battery-powered one.
    5. Electric toothbrush, electric flosser, electric shaver
    6. Save the plastic hooks on catheter bags to tape, glue, or wire to such things as telephones, remote controls, tools (such as the high-speed rotary tool).

    If there is interest, I can post more and include images if the descriptions are unclear. I'm in the final stages of writing a manuscript and submitting for publication. I will include an extensive list and set up a website with images for those with an interest.

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    I am not a quad, but I love to wear boots. I found when pushing foot down into the foot of my boot my toes would curl under. I took an old credit card and cut it in half and trimmed the ends. I then wrapped packing tape to secure to toes. My toes no longer curl under, and I can slide boot on my foot. I used this for cowboy & biker boots.
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    Not exactly a tool but useful option for wheelchairs (at least for a quad C7 I know): caster pin locks.
    They stabilize your chair when you transfer or when you sit on toilets and have spasticity in your legs

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    I always carry an apron. It protects my pants from food stains and I transport items such as pens, dishes and silverware, which would fall to the floor without it.

    Fat pens are another must. They are easier to grip.

    I really like leather shoelaces, which can be made into loops to grip pockets on purses, zippers or knapsacks.

    Unsharpened pencils with erasers are a must-have to dial a telephone (except iPhone) and type.

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    Def Allen wrench and duct tape! Also the Cripper. I got one for Matt this year and it has made a huge difference.
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