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Thread: My PCA wants time and a half for working on Thanksgiving.

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    Time and a half for Thanksgiving is standard agency policy around here. But so is pay between $8 and $11 an hour, and NJ and CT are probably pretty comparable. Paying $27 an hour equates to27x40= 1080 a week or 54,000 a year for a standard eight hour day, five days a week, with two weeks vacation. That seems exceptionally generous to me. It would be nice to express your appreciation with the bonus, but if it's a stretch for you or not really heartfelt (my new wonderful caregiver and I today discovered that a previous one put a used leg bag away in my drawer, and I will admit that no other experience in my life has lessened my faith in humanity more than having some of the caregivers I have) I think it would be reasonable to point out your standard generosity. You might call around to local agencies for prevailing wage to offer for perspective.

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    I, on the other hand, say pay it . For god's sake it's Thanksgiving! Can't think of any care facility, hospital or business that doesn't pay time and a half on a holiday. I took the time to arrange my brother's BP on the day after so we could both not have to do the deed. While it may seem like it should be no sweat for her "just sitting there" I'm pretty sure they would rather be spending that time with family or friends. I'm sorry, this just seems really self-centered to me. Timaru, as usual, has a more diplomatic approach to the issue. I hear so many complaints about caregivers, many of them deserved for sure, but unless you are poor this seems like a easy thing to do.

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    It's standard policy here too, for all statutory holidays. Eventually you just have to budget for it.

    If it makes you feel any better, give her a project to do - maybe some cooking or baking?

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    Agencies always want time and a half for holidays. If the PCA is an independent contractor (works for you) you do not have to pay for overtime on holidays! I wish I had a better answer but I don't.
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    Other than that it's not in the contract -- my problem with this is the caregiver pulling this at the last minute. I would say no, but then offer to renegotiate the contact moving forward. I don't know anyone who works a major holiday without extra compensation.

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    My question is more why all of the sudden after 3.5 years does she want time and a half? What changed? Something obviously changed in HER viewpoint. Getting to the bottom of that will be the key.
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    I don't know of any job that doesn't pay extra for their employees the employees where I work get paid double time and a half for holidays

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    27 an hour?
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    Quote Originally Posted by elizabeth422 View Post
    I don't know of any job that doesn't pay extra for their employees the employees where I work get paid double time and a half for holidays
    That may be, but I bet you also get benefits, and may even be unionized. Working for a large employer in a business is different than working as a private hire PCA in someones home.

    When we had PCAs for my mother, we included their pay and any benefits in their contract. If they requested, or we decided on a renegotiation of the contract, then that was done, but we did not pay any different for weekends, holidays, nights, etc. That was already accounted for in their contract.

    That being said, for most family holidays, my sister or I would cover for the PCA for all or at least part of their shift and give them the rest of the time off, paid.

    Demanding time and a half the day before the holiday fringes on extortion. The PCA should have asked for this to be considered well before then. I agree it is time to sit down with this PCA and seriously review their conditions of employment, including their contract (you do have a contract...right????)


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    Yes we do have insurance but no we do not have a union...I agree that she should have asked for it before the holiday however i do think that if someone is working and not able to be with their family on a holiday they should get extra pay...

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