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Thread: So Complicated

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    So Complicated

    Am I the only one or does the complexity of all this sci research daunt any other members?

    It seems to add to the general hopelessness about any viable treatment

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    the fact that no one can come possibly close to relieving one of the many ailments of SCI, like sexual function for instance, a full blown cure is non-existent, and by looking at the breakthroughs in SCI therapy through the last 5 years, the word, " futility " comes to mind. Looking at the pace of things in the last 5 years, it ain't gonna make any impact whatsoever on me as a young man, and frankly, I don't believe that there will be anything to jump up and down over in my middle age. SCI has been successful in one regards to my life, it has ruined it!

    sherman brayton

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    It is complicated, yes, but that is made more so if you do not have a solid background in cellular biology. You'd need that just to get the gist of what is being discussed, much less to follow the more detailed information. I have a biology degree (two actually) and I have to look stuff up all the time just to follow along!

    Chris2, I am sorry you are depressed again. You might want to consider focusing on those things that you DO have control of, like takking care of yourself, and letting go of the things you can't control, like the progress of cure research (or seeming lack of same). Focusing on things that can't be controlled has been shown to make depression worse.

    Sherman, my husband and I share your frustration at the lack of treatments for sexual function. It is the great taboo, it is rarely even spoken of in cases where people feel they have improved.

    AB wife of T8 complete para

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    chris2, Why do you say that it is complicated? Perhaps I can help make it less complicated. Ask and I will try to explain.

    Sherman, Most people with "complete" or severe thoracic and cervical spinal cord injury do get erections, and some can even get ejaculation with vibratory stimulation. So, it is important to understand why you don't have sexual function. As I have said many times before, I am not sure that I understand your injury, what is injured and what remains. It would help a great deal if I knew what muscle function you and what sensory function that you have. You know, you can probably fill out the ASIA chart yourself. Check each dermatome for pinprick and touch. Grade each muscle. If you can do that, I can try to figure out what is going on with your injury and what you might be able to do to try to get some sexual function.


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    My head just spins round while I try to find hopeful news amongst all the complexity that is the spinal cord.

    I have a cyst at T7 and a smaller one at T9 and cord atrophy between T7 and T9. In my neck and at T7 to T9 the discs are squashed and the bones misshapen.

    There's no tethering or compression.

    Should I be honest and admit that my condition is permanent. I wouldn't have the guts to go through a treatment even by some miracle one of therapies works.

    What's happened to the tenacity I've had at certain times in my life?

    Oh, and sexual function is not much use if you can't feel it.

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    pull it together dude. you are never given more than you can handle. the upper part of the body is much more important than the lower one. alot of people who have done important things for humanity have had some disability. beethoven was deaf. the bright side of this is now you have time to use your brain. you have the time to research, i don't mean sci research-you have to leave that part to neuroscientists-but other things that interest you in life. you can write a book that can change people's lives. there is always someone better than you and always someone worse. there are somethings in life you can't control but as long you're optimistic and do good works you will always be viewed as a man. never underestimate the power of your mind.

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    To exude a positive image, you have to feel good deep down inside, and for me it's not possible with 0% sexual functioning. The lower body is just as important as the upper body, loss of sexual sensation and functioning is the fatal blow on a long list of blows with SCI. Psychologically it just throws you over the edge, and what makes it worse is the getting around the issue style taken by doctors, who if sexually neutered would be among who are suicidal. There's a reason Viagra sells billions of dollars worth of blue pills, sex is still an issue for older men, let alone young men rendered impotent in the prime of their lives. After 5 years of numbness and flaccidity, I have given up all hope for any breakthrough to come along in this field. This issue is just as dead as my virility. I think that this is quite more than the average, healthy male can handle.

    sherman brayton

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    I agree Sherman

    there are many other pleasures denied us - the sand between your toes, spontaneity, lifting with knees bent, buses, running up stairs, driving any vehicle etc etc

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    i know it sucks but what are you gonna do. hopefully they find something.

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    People are sometimes given more than they can bear. My beautiful 23 year old nephew killed himself in 1999 because he couldnt handle this world anymore. He was a "good christian" and his loved ones let him down. We must not spew euphemisums(sp?) but listen and offer as much support as we can and as often as needed.


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