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Thread: too old 4 over-the-knee boots & skinny Jeans?

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    You can pull them off Les without a problem. Yet another of CareCure's finest.

    I expect my black chair to hide my ass and wear dark jeans or black dress pants ... lol. My uniform pants are dark as well.

    Funny ... we are all strong, intelligent women still worrying about how our jeans look ... ! I say eff the media and eff men! lol
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    ok, skinny jeans it is! My wardrobe too consists mostly of dark jeans and black pants though it's probably only me who notices the difference!
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    Quote Originally Posted by leschinsky View Post
    Damn I like these but $500!!! I just splurged on Galaxy 3 and it's xmas so it aint happen'.

    I was wondering if I could pull off wearing knee high boots but if Beth is wearing over the knee I'm gonna stop wondering!

    As for skinny jeans, I still feel like my hips, since I have them, look too big with tight pans on. Anyone else?
    nope. got lots of junk in the trunk/big hips here and i think my hips look just fine in them!

    i am loving the patterned skinny jeans as well! just got 3 more pairs from kohls
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    I def think some curvy ladies are rocking their skinny jeans.

    But I saw some really unfortunate choices in 4 airports last Thursday!

    I'm sitting in airports, judging poor fashion choices. LOL, that may explain some of my bad karma.

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    Make me drool

    I'm begging you! where are the pics??


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    Looking at knee high boots. Are ones with the zip in the back OR the side easier to get on? Also, what about the ones that just zip a bit down the center of the side? Examples below. Not necessarily ones I'm looking at just the first I could quickly link.

    Ladies, you should link some boots that work well. Where is WTF?
    Ugh the sexy one's have heels that suck wearing on a footplate and promote footdrop. fml
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    I am 37 and i don't wear over the knee boots. I also don't shop at forever 21. I prefer clothing from Ann Taylor are more along the conservative line. I am sorry I believe 50 Is Definitely too old for over the knee boots regardless of your body type. But that's just my opinion.

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    I appreciate your opinion. Am still giving these boots the side-eye. They are fine when rolled down tho.

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    I just got some nearly knee high boots at goodwill the other day. I want to wear them with a dress or skirt and leggings. They have big heels which I'd never been able to wear before, but hey I'm not going to be walking in them!
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    Don't buy boots with the zip behind or the ones with the zip down, they are too hard to put on, even I have trouble with those.
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