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    artificial sphincter

    I have a t6 injury and a flaccid bladder i have had a lot of trouble with pressure leakage over the years so they did a sling surgery but that didn't fully correct the problem. After the sling surgery the pressures in my bladder were to high so they had to do bladder botox and I'll have to again in 2 months. I still get the stress incontinence so my urologist has suggested either an artificial valve or a bulking agent(but he does think that will fix the problem). So I am really considering the artificial valve has anyone else had one of these put in? What are the pros/cons?
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    I researched that a lot years back, but I think the prognosis still remains the same that it is not a good option for somebody with a SCI and no sensation. It is quite a complex thing actually and a lot to go wrong. Have you thought about just wearing a leg bag?
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    The surgery is quite extensive and it does require long term upkeep. Is there any reason you wouldn't try a sphincterotomy first?

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    What is a sphincterotomy?
    Its only at the brink of our own destruction that we learn to change.

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    Same issues here.

    The artificial sphincter would still leak with high pressures in the bladder. Also, there would be 'sloughing' of the urethra as well and since ours is so short ... !

    I go for Bptox but I don't think it will do anything since my bladder is the size of a walnut.

    Thinking about the bladders they can grow in a lab ... what's the deal with such an advancement without putting it to use!?

    I'm hopelessly awaiting something to return bladder function ...
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    A sphincterotomy is where they go and make tiny cuts into your bladder's sphincter, thus relieving the pressure. The negatives are, for many people they need to where a condom catheter and leg bag because they will dribble. The positive is that it takes away the pressure since the urine does not build up in the bladder.
    Another option to consider.

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