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Thread: side guards and back posts height

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    side guards and back posts height

    maybe one of our engineers can help figure these out.

    first, side guards. if i order 16x16 + 1" longer frame. 3 1/2" seat dump and 25" tires. would i need to get the small or large side guards to even up with the top of my tires?

    second, back post height. i don't want the post sticking way up. my zra1 has the post at 11" with a 10" roho jetstream with 4 point adj. hardware. the hardware is pretty close to the top making the back 15" high, which feels good.

    i'm getting a 12" jay3 with standard hardware. the new tilite order form either has "short-8.5 to 11.5" or "medium-12 to 16.5". i'm thinking i should order short to get the back height around 15" without the posts sticking way up. but if i ever want to switch to velcro adj. back, 11.5 won't be high enough.

    thanks for reading. i think i'm gonna double guess myself into one big brain fart, lol.

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    No you will not being a fart. This is actually very intelligent asking. Go directly to manufacturer site and tell them you are getting chair and ask specidic question(s). They will be more than happy to answer each and every you have. If you need manufacturers web address, I can provide them.

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    There is an option for side guards on the order form. It's the last choice listed before the armrest section.

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    64 - - here's a post by SCI_OTR that shows the "standard" size sideguards on a chair with 3" of dump, you will see they are slightly higher than the tire so _should_ work out perfect for the 3.5" dump you are spec'ing.

    Back post height - are you going to have push handles? Does your current backrest attach to the backrest frame or extension tubing that slides inside the frame? If you want it attached to the frame at about 11" from the RSH I'd go with the medium height (12-16) because they are including backpost extension tubing in their measurement. If you remove the extension tubing and clamp the J3 backrest to the backrest frame it should be where you want it, assuming you're not wanting push handles. If you want the J3 to attach to the extension tubing and/or order push handles you will want to order the short backrest frame.

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