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Thread: Fastest way to warm up my body?

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    Question is "What is the fastest way to warm up a body?"

    Quote Originally Posted by wchair View Post
    snip ... What's the fastest way to warm up my body? snip ...
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    it dosen't but your suggestion of using hot water to warm up is not practical and can be very dangerous in fact.
    smashms you missed the point of the question. We are not talking about practicality. The question is, "What is the fastest way to warm up a body?"

    A shower at 104 °F will not harm you.

    "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."

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    I would caution everyone on using extremes in temp to help warm you or chill you. I enc people to use layering, drink warm beverages, and if need be climb into bed.

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    Shared body heat works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    I would caution everyone on using extremes in temp to help warm you or chill you. I enc people to use layering, drink warm beverages, and if need be climb into bed.
    I am guilty of days in bed when it is freezing outside. I may have the heat so high my husband is constantly wearing shorts inside but sometimes I think my core temp takes its cue from what the weather looks like outside the window. But I love the tub where I can set the temperature and maintain it for warming up. I was told in rehab that 104F is as high as a soaking tub should be set and to not soak too long because it can lower some peoples blood pressure.

    As for cooling down fast, I've hit that area 3 times. The first in a friend's new backyard deck on their new house. Went home with 2 of her ice packs under my armpits and a bottle of cold OJ to drink and with the a/c on high. Then into bed with the overhead fan on high and stripped down. The second on Capitol Hill on that white marble triangle in August. As soon as the press conference was over my husband had a large hankerchief he soaked in the fountain and went around my neck and he got me into shade and repeated. Thankfully this was August of 2001 so we had the van on the grounds. On with the a/c, an illegal u-turn as soon as we hit Constitution and a quicker stop at a stand selling cold bottled water. But the worst, and yes by now I keep a thermometer on me too, was going through the Panama Canal. We had booked a tail end cabin with a huge balcony for this bucket cruise. To sail through every type of ship lines up at night and waits their turn. We woke up twice due to the engines 8 decks down humming. On the third it was time and 6am. We ordered our breakfast for 6:30 the night before. I was drinking about 3 lieters of cold water a day plus iced tea and juices and eating light down there. We were out for about 2 hours between the edge to see the crocodiles and bird and under the cover a bit closer to our patio door where breakfast and cold drinks were. I started feeling ill and went inside and took my temp. The sun wasn't fully up and this was March so not the hottest or most humid but my normal 97.5 to 97.7 was at 101. The butler that came with our cabin was thrilled to finally have a job...get me ice! As the ships use energy they need to get rid of engine heat and the temperature of water at the taps goes up. As soon as he dumped the first bucket of ice in the sink with the water I started wrapping a very cold wet towel over my head. Then another over my shoulders. I was wearing a thin t-shirt and lightweight linen slacks. After getting my temp down to 98 I watched a bit more of the canal and then went in for a cool not icey shower because very cold stuff makes my legs spaze. Our friendly butler took my clothes and had them rinsed, dried and pressed by lunch which we had in the enclosed upper deck buffet. That one surprised me as the sun was not fully up at 8am, it was overcast and the humidity had been worse on other trips to the Caribbean.

    But yes, both of us will be hitting the local Farm & Fleet tomorrow to find some new insulated mittens for dog walking and just being out there for me.
    Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

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    Fastest way to warm up a body is to sleep next to a woman going thru menapause. Holy moly, my wife will all of a sudden throw off the blankets and I swear steam comes a rollin out.

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    I think that both temperature extremes need to be watched closely. Also, remember , that as we age, we lose ability to regulate our body's temperature. Another thing to smile about!

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    I have noticed too that being under many blankets does not make you feel warm very quickly. But, if you cover your head (under pillow or blanket itself) under something, then you can notice the warmth coming. As said previously, "cocoon syndrome" may be the thing some quads have. I didnt know about it since now.
    But depending of the person, time to warm up or cool down varies.
    I like summer but too hot weather is not for me. With temperatures over 90-100 f i get overheated. Blood pressure and pulse rise. It simply does not matter if i drink cold fluids or not. After 30 minutes of sunbath i spend 2 hours shivering.
    Then its best to cover all body and just be disappeared for a few hours.

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    Electric blanket. I throw it over me watching TV. Lets me turn the heat in the house down. There are electric mattress covers now too. Hot soup, cocoa. Dogs. No one ever got in a car with a cold seat if they have a dog.

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    I use a desktop heater. I've been using them for 30 years. They blow warm air on my face and chest where I can feel it, Mmmmmmmm.

    I have them placed on my kitchen table, desk, and at work. It's better to warmup this way than turning the thermastat up for the whole house.

    Most people don't understand how or why persons with SCI are always cold. I get alot of disbelief looks or comments at work about my heater, especially in the summer when the AC is blowing on me.

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    Best way I’ve found to warm myself up, is to close myself in a room with a very effective heater and literally crank the heat up to 85-90° until my body warms back up and then I’m good to go. Much easier/safer than messing around with electric blankets and really does the trick.
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