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Thread: Fastest way to warm up my body?

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    GJ, you are spoiled and so is my hubby. I put blankets in the dryer and cover him, wrap the warm towels around his neck. But I not cross the line and buy UGGs...ha.

    Since he has a big bald noggin he always had a carhardt cap and likes a soft scarf around his neck. He wears slipper "booties" on his hands.
    Hot (sugar free for him) chocolate or cup of soup helps too.

    Turning the thermostat up really seems to make no difference. I am of an age where I need the thermostat low!

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    Thin athletic clothing will keep you warm. Do you have blood flowing to the cold part(s)? If you have fluid buildup, that could be restricting blood flow and subsequently getting cold.

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    The only thing that I can add is microfleece sheets and pillow cases. Even though I can only feel them with arms and shoulders up, I feel toasty as soon as I snuggle in.
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    Fastest way to warm up is a hot shower.

    Fastest way to cool down in a dunk in a cool swimming pool or a cold shower.

    "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."

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    DITTO the above on frost bite. With an SCI I would head to an ER or my doc's if she could get me right in. Frost bite can be a skin condition hell for anyone but with us it is worse than normal. My nice new warm me up tub is great because I do know what frost bite looks like up close and know not to use it if even my toes show a small amount of bite.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rfbdorf View Post
    The most important part is your head.
    Wear a light nightcap. A simple one is just a T-shirt - put the neck end over your head, down to your eyebrows, covering the back of your neck.
    My wife thought this was silly at first, but she became a convert and always had her head covered at night.
    When you're outside (or cold inside), wear a stocking cap.
    - Richard
    His and her t-shirts over the head, my aren't we a pathetic lot. I love my SCI.

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    We live in MN, so this can be a perpetual problem for about 9 months of the year. Jim sleeps with several layers of blanket on and a towel over his head. When he's up in his chair (at home) he will use a hair dryer as a personal heater on his face and neck when he gets chilled. Then will put a small blanket over his head when he's watching TV. At work, he has just learned to dress in several layers.

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    Twisting answers.

    Quote Originally Posted by wchair View Post
    I get cold and it takes my body absolutely forever to warm back up (hours) even with tons of blankets etc.. What's the fastest way to warm up my body? Are there any particular trigger points (feet, neck etc.) that if I focus on them I'll warm up faster?
    P.S. I don't want to use electric blankets and similar stuff for fear of burning myself.
    Quote Originally Posted by titanium4motion View Post
    Fastest way to warm up is a hot shower.

    Fastest way to cool down in a dunk in a cool swimming pool or a cold shower.

    Quote Originally Posted by smashms View Post
    DO NOT DO WHAT TI has suggested if you have frost bite!! or have heat exaustion as it is the quickest way to get in even more trouble.
    smashms where in wchair's question does it say anything about frost bite or heat exhaustion?

    I don't see anything about frost bite or heat exhaustion in wchair's question.

    Most municipalities require your house water temperature to be 135
    °F which is to kill bacteria in washing dishes in your sink and doing laundry. This temperature 135 °F is to hot for a normal person which may scald them or even burn the skin off of someone with a spinal cord injury.

    I should have stated take a hot shower at 104 °F which will warm you very quickly without damaging the skin.

    smashms you twisted my answer by adding frost bite and heat exhaustion.

    If you are on CareCure looking for answers on frost bite and have frost bite or you have heat exhaustion and looking for answers for heat exhaustion you are putting your life in danger!

    You should go to the emergency room if you have frost bite.

    You should go to the emergency room if you feel you have heat exhaustion.
    Those are my answers for frost bite and heat exhaustion.

    Let me ask you since you are so knowledgeable about these topics? Do you have on your person a thermometer?

    Me? It's like American Express. I don't leave home without one. If I feel I am over heating I take my temperature. The same with being cold.

    There are things I have learned over the years about over heating and being cold.

    For over heating I always keep cold applesauce in the refrigerator because it is packed with cold thermal energy that can disperse in your stomach and start to cool you down. I also have in the freezer low calorie juice bars. I also make low calorie smoothies with a lot of ice which cools your core temperature.

    On hot days I wear a cold wet hand towel around my neck to dissipate some of the hot body energy.

    To warm up you can drink hot coffee or hot chocolate for starters. Eat hot potatoes which has hot heat energy to warm your core temperature up.

    "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."

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    I would SOOO love one of those Seabridge bathing units to take a tub bath with jets to warm up and for circulation.

    Three baths in 27yrs ... untold numbers of showers.

    Number of showers/baths not alone: 2. lol
    Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

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    My hot tub, it's always at 100* the best!

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