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Thread: Fastest way to warm up my body?

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    Fastest way to warm up my body?

    I get cold and it takes my body absolutely forever to warm back up (hours) even with tons of blankets etc.. What's the fastest way to warm up my body? Are there any particular trigger points (feet, neck etc.) that if I focus on them I'll warm up faster?
    P.S. I don't want to use electric blankets and similar stuff for fear of burning myself.

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    The fastest and safest way to warm up imo is to cover all the furthest points from your heart. Use some wool thermal socks (then cover with trash bag if needed) and all that omni-heat stuff from columbia sports wear is awesome. trust I.

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    The most important part is your head.
    Wear a light nightcap. A simple one is just a T-shirt - put the neck end over your head, down to your eyebrows, covering the back of your neck.
    My wife thought this was silly at first, but she became a convert and always had her head covered at night.
    When you're outside (or cold inside), wear a stocking cap.
    - Richard

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    I admit it, I am spoiled. NL throws my blankets and night shirt into the dryer before I get into bed, changes me into a warm night shirt and layers on the warm blankets once I am in bed. It is heaven!!! On bowel program nights, she puts those light weight, tightly woven "hospital" blankets into the dryer and when I get up in the commode chair, she drapes one over my head and shoulders, and one over my lap and knees.

    She got this idea from endoscopy units and outpatient surgery centers that have blanket warmers and offer you warmed blankets as they prepare you for procedures and surgeries.

    I wear wool socks in bed. The shoes I wear daily are a pair (dare I say it) Uggs shearling lined slippers that look like suede and leather loafers. When I lost all of my hair due to chemotherapy, I slept with ski caps pulled over my head and ears and also wore them during the day. On cold days, I use a wool lap blanket. Keeping your feet, head and hands warm really help warm the rest of the body.

    All the best,

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    As a quad I give first attention to my head and upper body where I have temperature sensation. Maybe it all in our head. lol Read the excerpt below that I posted in an earlier thread:

    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    I am a para and cold all the time. While watching TV or reading I sit with my back to small ceramic heater blowing on my upper back and nape of my neck. Also, since I have sensation above the waist I go to sleep with a heating pad on my chest. The pad I use shuts off after 2 hours. The presence of the heat on my chest acts like a sleeping pill, even if I try to read in bed I nod off after about 2o minutes.

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    I think I have finally solved the problem of very cold feet - I'm wearing Sierra Designs down booties for the rest of the winter!! They are black and about 8" tall of puffy warmth. Wear thermal socks under them.

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    I would never have pushed to retire in Wisconsin without a ceiling track lift and a soaking tub. I can maintain the temperature of the water once set as the tub has a 220 volt add on heater. For any winter outdoor fun stuff like ice festivals and such I knew no matter how warm I dressed my legs especially would be freezing afterwards. The four jets help with circulation.
    I am also a big fan of the neck or shoulder warmers filled with rice or flax and microwaved for 2 minutes. Any reheats are 1 minute. I have wrapped them around my ankles while watching TV before heading to bed because my feet really get cold. In bed it's back around my neck. Once heated it gets a good shake to distribute the heat evenly and that is as hot as it will get. No burn risks.
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    I'm with sue on the neck warmers. If you want to give it a try for cheap, fill and old cotton knee sock with rice, tie the top. Microwave it for 1-2 minutes (start low, with a home made one, as it may be small and fast.

    The actual shaped ones work better, but that is a quickie.

    Hats help too.

    Good point of the feet too people .... I tend to ignore mine, cuz I can't "feel them" and then I get really chilled. I have started wearing furry lined boots (can't bring myself to name them, lol).
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    A down sleeping bag. Either get into it or drape it over you. I also wear a jacket in the house sometimes.

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