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Thread: Roll-in shower design

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    Roll-in shower design

    We are currently designing or new home and are considering a roll in shower. My concern is keeping the bathroom floor dry. I have used roll-in showers in hotels and it seems that the whole bathroom has tracks from my wheels getting wet after the shower. I keep my wheelchair just within reach so that I can pull it towards me (into the shower) when I’m done showering. Has anyone installed a radiant heater in the shower? I am told that it dries the floor very fast. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I have in floor radiant heat . It works great. Your biggest factor is to have the floor tiled and sloped toward a drain. Mine is in the center of the shower and I have never had a problem. Make sure your contractor includes nailers all around the shower. It will be easy to install bars. Also tell him you want the walls one foot on center. It makes it easier and stronger to install your wall board and tile. Hav'e them use 2" x 12" as a nailer in between your studs. Install them from 28" up. It will give you a range to install the bars if needed. Make sure your roll in is big enough too.

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    Trina, is good you know this. Keep into account your entire home for the exact same issue. Home was designed and being built, about 2/3 complete, when got in accident. Anyhow, I never modified anything. Shower I park alongside and transfer in. Floor is a light "tanish" tile. Does get some wet. I also have rubber-backed carpet alongside shower. Keep the tires dry or you will track dirt all around the place even if your eyes do not see it.

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    Take some time to read through these threads. We have some incredibly creative people here at Care Cure Community and there are some great ideas for bathrooms and showers on the site.
    For showers:

    For sinks:

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    If you can, design a 5' x 5' x 8 ' or 9' roll in shower. I was a commercial contractor prior to SCI. I have a lot more respect for ADA. Set your shower head at 5'. This is a perfect height for anyone with a wheelchair or shower bench. They will be able to reach the shower head in any direction. My entrance way is 3' into the shower. It will keep all the water within the shower. Make sure the drain is in the center and sloped correctly. Feel free to email anytime .
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    With a new home design I'd use a flat floor but make sure the trench drain is a long the outer side as you leave. If you want radient heat you can have it in the shower just make sure the trench drain has room between two coils to be as deep as it needs. And use the rubber protective matting on all walls and floors that are tiled to prevent mold from water getting through any grout.
    I use a shower/commode chair I can push from place to place so no dirt tracks and no need for building in a tile bench (these things look great and we have one for my AB husband but for most of the SCI crowd lousy balance, no padding and the cold tile there can spaze an upper para/quad to the floor).
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    Make sure to install a Trench Drain!

    Lots of great information!

    I recently built a totally wheelchair accessible/universally designed home that I documented at my website in the signature link below. If you want to check out what we did in my shower look under the Universally Designed section around the February/March 2011 time. The bathroom has a tile floor with a 5’ x 5’ curbless roll-in shower with a center located drain. All walls in the role-in shower have tile floor to ceiling, with tile around the rest of the bathroom up to a 42” mid wall level. A custom-built concrete countertop with a shallow sink basin allows my knees to fit underneath while the Delta touchless faucet makes it easy for me to use.

    Extremely happy with how my bathroom turned out, but if I were to do it all over again I would make the roll-in shower part slightly larger at 6’ x 7’, and definitely use a trench drain instead of the center located drain. Would have made things so much easier for my installer instead of having to deal with the multi-angle circular slope towards the center drain, and would make this shower even better at draining away the water. Check out the “Installing Trench Drains in Curbless Showers Tech Sheet.” This is absolutely how I would recommend anyone build a handicap accessible shower.

    Let me know if you have any more thoughts/questions.
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    I second, third, and fourth the trench drain! I used synthetic marble panels for my shower, the base mold was designed with a slope so I have a center drain too. My trench drain was from WhataDrain, it was simple but effective, I got the covers custom water-jet cut at a local shop.

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