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Thread: Working 2 Walk 2012 Presentations coming online

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    Great work Grammy.

    Well it looks any human trials are still 3 to 5 years away from Jerry.

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    The W2W Science and Advocacy symposium featured various presentations at many different stages of research and development.

    There were brand new basic science "discovery" level projects like Dr. Silver described and some mentioned by Dr. Hans Keirstead, Dr. Os Steward and Dr. Murray Blackmore that have started. Their research therapy won't be on the market tomorrow.

    There were also "pre-clinicals" like Paul Lu's project and others.

    There were even "translational level" CIRM funded projects like Dr. Leif Havtons, cauda equina and conus injury project which is like the injury that you have Jawaid. That particular injury level work was presented by Dr. Leif Havton. His "translational level" work is presented HERE but it is not ready for humans yet and could be several more years before they're ready. I believe he's starting his 2nd year of a 3 year research funding grant. Dr. Ravi Bellamkondas new project with ISRT would be in the translational category also.

    The human research level this year was a presentation by StemCells Inc. with Stephen Huhn and Aileen Anderson of Reeve Irvine Research Center in Irvine, California where the 2012 conference was held. The trial is scheduled to end in March 2016.

    The listing of current human level research trials are listed HERE on the U2FP site that you are looking to enroll in Jawaid.
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    3 New Video Question and Answer Sessions are online today.

    What The Community Wants To Know! Dr. Hans Keirstead and Dr. Paul Lu Answer Questions About Neural Stem Cells at Working 2 Walk 2012

    What The Community Wants To Know! Dr. Ravi Bellamkonda, Dr. Jerry Silver, Damodar Thapa PT and Bob Yant Answer Questions About the CSPG Roadblock at Working 2 Walk 2012

    What The Community Wants To Know! Dr. Os Steward and Dr. Murray Blackmore Answer Questions About Emerging Genetic Therapies at Working 2 Walk 2012
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    A Lifetime of Cure Advocacy with Bob Yant is online. Wow! This one is really informative too.

    Building Bridges to Restore Function:
    Dr. Justin Brown Neurosurgeon San Diego and Dr. Jerry Silver Case Western Reserve University
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    It is amazing how research has advanced in the last 5 years. I want to thank everyone who put this event and presentation together. You guys and ladies are awesome!

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    Stephen Huhn, MD and Aileen Anderson PhD take questions and answers about the StemCells Inc. trial for chronic spinal cord injury.

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