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Thread: Working 2 Walk 2012 Presentations coming online

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    Exclamation Working 2 Walk 2012 Presentations coming online

    The Working 2 Walk 2012 Science and Advocacy Symposium presentations are starting to come up online. Check back often this next week as they are being posted as fast as they can get them ready for our website.

    The first video up tonight is Dr. Os Steward from the RIRC presenting:

    "Regenerating Functions that Mediate Motor Function after Spinal Cord Injury"

    Oswald Steward, PhD, Director and Professor, Reeve-Irvine Research Center. Dr. Steward’s research focuses on how nerve cells create and maintain their connections with each other, how these “synapses” are modified by experience and injury, and what genes play a role in nerve cell regeneration, growth and function. At Working 2 Walk, Dr. Steward will discuss the current status of RIRC’s and other labs’ work with PTEN and SOCS3 as a means of spurring regeneration. Kates Live Blog
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    Thanks Grammy, watching Oz lifted my spirits and I had best cup of coffee this morning in a long time
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    Quote Originally Posted by muskie View Post
    Thanks Grammy, watching Os lifted my spirits and I had best cup of coffee this morning in a long time.
    You're most welcomed Muskie! Os Steward is working hard. I'm most appreciative that he's working with 3 other labs on the application for the pTEN therapy for chronic SCI. More research presentations will be coming up online this week, so stay tuned. Many of them are quite ingenious!

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    I have tossed all therapy out the door. Taken a simple approach. Get the mind working, with eyes closed attempting to execute something. This is lying down. Do not wory about physical movement. Lets see if brain can even attempt to execute correctly. If it works, lets see if I can introduce muscle into process. If not, I may be too far ahead in process and need to back up. If working. Lets see if muscles execute. Yes/no, probably need build strength. This type of process is practically being a baby all over again. Problem is, your brain probablu knows things you did not as a baby. Somehow need to remove the knowledge. I seem to do this by taking eyes out of the picture. Close my eyes and see what happens. This type of process/learning is working for me. It is incredibly slow and at times very frustrating because I have knoledge. Somehow, relax and get back to being a baby. Another thing I have found in this is while try to teach myself doing things initially slowly, when it comes to reality they execute speed of light. With that, I need to simply stop thinking and simply do. This works. It is risky. I have fallen many times, but am willing to take the risk.

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    Dr. Murray Blackmore is on deck.

    Murray Blackmore, PhD, Associate Professor, Marquette University.

    "Rebooting the Growth Machinery ": Gene Therapy Approaches for Spinal Cord Injury

    Dr. Blackmore is a graduate of Stanford University and the University of Minnesota, and did his postdoctoral training at the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. His goals are to 1. Identify genes that explain differences in regenerative ability between different types of neurons, and 2. Manipulate gene expression in neurons to promote regenerative ability. Ultimately his lab aims to develop gene therapies to promote the regrowth of axons in the injured spinal cord and brain. Kates Live Blog
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    GRAMMY, it's me after reading your posts (with no exCeption but the last one is especially): ,beleive that Chris too:
    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Paddon View Post
    "with the exeption of GRAMMY, of course, she is just our adornment"
    What on earth is this supposed to mean? GRAMMY posts more useful info than almost anyone else. Exception is spelt with a c by the way.

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    Damodor Thapa, PT is on deck.

    Damodar Thapa, PT, Physiotherapy Department Head, Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Center, Sanga, Kavre, Nepal

    “Spinal Cord Injury in Nepal and Challenges in Rehabilitation”

    Damodar “Damo” traveled all the way from Nepal to attend his first Working 2 Walk Symposium last year in Rockville, MD. He graduated as a physical therapist from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in India, and has since dedicated his work to serving people living with spinal cord injury in his homeland of Nepal. In addition to his work at the Rehabilitation Centre, Damo is the core resource person for earthquake disaster and preparedness in case of a mass casualty scenario. Damo will share with us the realities of life with SCI in his country, and some of the techniques and strategies he uses to maximize functional outcomes with his clients. Kates Live Blog

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    Jerry Silver, PhD is on deck.

    Jerry Silver, PhD, Professor, Department of Neurosciences, Case Western Reserve University

    “Functional Recovery after SCI with the use of Injectable Peptides that Counteract Inhibitory Proteoglycans”

    CNS Regeneraton Project:

    Dr. Silver has spent decades exploring ways to restore function after spinal cord injury. In the past two years, he and his team have achieved promising results with combinatorial strategies using chondroitinase, peptides, various cell bridging techniques, and neuronal enhancement. He believes that these strategies may very well be useful in restoring both sensory and motor function in paralyzed humans. Kates Live Blog
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    Thanks Grammy, I always love a little hope with my coffee
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    Roman Reed is on deck.

    “Advocates Advancing a Cure” – Roman Reed from the Roman Reed Foundation

    The Roman Reed Foundation provides support for pioneering research. In 2000 they engineered passage of the Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Law in California that funds research through the state’s General Fund. Kates Live Blog

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