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Thread: leaving to beijing

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    leaving to beijing

    hi everyone, im leaving tonight to beijing for the oeg implant with dr. huang. i'll keep posting updates when my fiance and i get there.they told us 7-10 untill the actual suegery. i was getting lots of negative feedback from some doctors here saying that i was making a big mistake because they thaught it was all about the money. i am currently in a study with the FES implant and told them im taking a month off for the surgery. they might take me out of their study due to change in their protocal but they might be able to work with me. well, i will keep everyone updated and good bye.

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    I wish you the best and look forward to your updates.

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    yr luckey so what do thay do is it for you to walk agin i wish you the best

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    Good luck and keep us posted!


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    Thanks for informing us Ray. Good luck!

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    Best of luck Ray, thanks for posting, i made a couple good friends while i was there, if you need a hand drop me a note.

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    Good luck Ray! I know this will be a great adventure for you that will help all of us.

    How much muscle/sensory do you have now so that we can get a reference starting point?

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    Good luck!! Will keep you in my prayers!

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    Good Luck

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