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Thread: 'Nerve bypass' helps paralysed man move arm

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    'Nerve bypass' helps paralysed man move arm

    'Nerve bypass' helps paralysed man move arm

    Published on Thursday 15 November 2012 20:09

    Revolutionary surgery has given a paralysed man the ability to move his arms and hands again, it has been widely reported. The surgery, which made global news, has shown that rewiring nerves may allow surgeons to restore basic arm and hand control after serious spinal cord injuries.

    A 71-year-old patient had been left paralysed from the neck down after the base of his neck was injured in a traffic accident. In a world first, surgeons were able to successfully bypass the injury site by grafting arm nerves from below the injury to nerves originating above the site of his injury. The surgery was given 23 months after his accident, and after several more months of therapy and training the man can handle objects, feed himself and even do basic writing.

    This success story is clearly of massive significance to the man involved but also provides a blueprint for other surgeons around the country for how this technique may be applied in similar situations.


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    that rocks

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    Dr. Justin Brown at UCSD in San Diego is doing these type of surgeries

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    Quote Originally Posted by PMR DOC View Post
    Dr. Justin Brown at UCSD in San Diego is doing these type of surgeries
    Read about it here.

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    I've got this left leg, and it don't work quite right, it's cost me some broken shoulder bones be cause I tried to trust it. Want to work on it?

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