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Thread: Need Help, My swivel car seat wont work!

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    Need Help, My swivel car seat wont work!

    I am stuck..and I have a flight to catch Thursday.

    the 6 way swivel van seat..up and down and forward and backward work..but not turning...the one thing I need to drive! lol

    Called Ocean Mobility and they said to bring it in! yeah right!

    I can't drive it!
    SO they call back said a $150-$200 SERVICE CALL-to come and look at it.

    I get really tired of the gimp mark ups! No service call is more than $90 for anything..why so much??

    Anyone know what to do to fix this thing? Or if a regular electrician could do it?

    Thanks for any advice.
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    We have a passenger side Braun Companion Seat. We're on our second van and second seat. Each broke down once. My husband could drive it but it cost about $50 for the Braun dealer to replace the cord my mother in law swivaled right through and $25 just recently for a guy who specializes in modified vehicles to reconnect a thing inside the unit itself. It seems repairs are fairly cheap on these as long as the hydralic unit isn't the problem. And yes, it sucks that we get soaked on service calls. At least get an agreement that if they can fix it you can deduct some of the fee. As in they charge $150 to come look. They decide it can be fixed and total cost with spare wire they bring along costs $60 you get a $50 deduction. IOWs, total to you is $160 and not $210. So least they get is $150 to come look and not be able to fix it and most is $100 and anything above $50 to fix it. Suggest they bring anything and everything they might need to fix it.
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    Sounds like the electrical is working. Is it trying to swivel at all? Are you sure that it's not one of the bolts that holds the seat on to the swivel that's loose.
    I drove my van into a radio shop for some radio work and getting in it wouldn't swivel. Turns out one of the nuts had backed off the bolt holding the seat to the swivel and the bolt was stopping the seat from swiveling. Just had to tighten the bolt and has worked ever since.
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    If you have towing on your insurance, have it towed. Call some local auto shops and see if anyone is good with electrical stuff. Explain the problem.
    Take a cab to the airport. Deal with the car when you get back.

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    Excellent advice all! Will check bolt..will call local shops..and will see if I can get it towed..I didn't think they would tow for a seat problem lol..but hey.I can't drive it..neither can anyone it is pretty far turned around.

    and yes Sue I did call back and they said it could be three different things

    Moter: there apparently are 3 diffferent moters, one for each function..(who knew!), a switch or a pinched wire...

    waiting for Ocean Conversions to call me back to see if they will come out..and I did ask about service answer yet.

    Nice to wake up to some ideas.

    Thank you very much!
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    Funny I called yesterday the Mobility van place around noon. They said they would call me back if someone could come out next day. I called this morning..and they said they would check with foreman. at 1:00pm I called again...they told me it would be labor time to come out..$90 so reasonable, plus part which may have to be ordered. SO there is no way I would get my van back quickly it seems.

    ANYWAY>> the guy told me a trick is to tap with a hammer the motor while PUSHING the switch --and guess what...IT WORKED!> I guess the motor was asleep!

    SO if anyone has this problem...try that!

    Hoping it works again at 5am when I need to leave to leave for airport! )
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    What you're going through really sucks. I've been there, done that.
    It's because of issues like that I wanted to get away form a van and into a car. It removes some of some the potential electrical problems from the equation. With a car you have no lift, or rotating seat.

    I know a lot of the folks on this forum have to use a van, I get that, but I also know a lot of us THINK we have to use a van. I mean, that's what were taught when we get out out of rehab.

    Good luck SRAR's, I hope you're back up and running soon.
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    Mechanical seat base

    In my 1991 Volkswagen Vanagon when it first got modified they put in an Advanced Mobility swivel seat that also goes back and forth; 4-way power seat base.

    It was a headache from day one. Wires would always break in the winter when it was cold because the plastic would turn hard causing the wire to bend at the solder point. Switches would break. Half-moon gear would break a tooth, the "pan" motor would burn up. The clutch would wear out. I always had to have spare parts with me and tools in case of an emergency.
    Advanced Mobility went out business years later so finding parts were rare.

    I have since retired that van at 174,000 miles and every van after that I put in a mechanical rotating 4-way seat base with almost zero maintenance. All I have to do is silicon spray the swivel once or twice a year and that's it! One less headache to worry about.

    Today with the mechanical seat base I don't even worry about having problems with it or the hand controls or lift. It's more of maintenance of oil/oil filter changing and tire rotation. Then you have replacing worn parts such as tires, brakes, vacuum hoses, battery every once in a while. More of the vehicle than the modifications.

    Now the problem is that no one makes mid-size vans. They only make mini-vans or full-size vans.

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    Thank you Crappler I really hope it works in the 5am when I am on the way to airport alone (

    Ti..that sounds like a great idea. DO you not have a ramp at all now?

    I think the mechanical seat idea is a great one.

    I had a car since I was injured ...but overuse got to me over the years..and lifting or pulling the folding chair into back seat one day..was one too many times.

    I am so spoiled now and this is my first issue since 2008 with this seat hope it holds out!
    "The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same.” ~Carlos Castaneda

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    It more than likely will work ok the next time around, there is a dead spot on the motor armature and when it hits that spot it stops working, that's why giving it a little tap fixes it. Chances are though it will not stop exactly on that dead spot for a while. Just give it another tap if it does not work.
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