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Thread: I'm having HO surgery

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    How long were you in recovery for ?

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    If I am understanding what I am seeing (HO on the right hip, left in the photo) it seems you would be a good candidate. The last time I saw pictures of mine, it seemed much much worse. But those were pictures in a different age.

    I hope Lazlo will give us a few more details. The fact he had a success is very encouraging.
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    I've got HO too -- on my right side.

    Good Luck. Please keep us posted.

    I talked to 2 surgeons about it, but they were reluctant on proceeding because of the risks of bleeding and possibility of the bone just growing back.

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    I was in the hospital for four days. My doc was also concerned about bleeding but in the end my bleeding was minimal.

    I don't have any images to show but I remember the 3D image of my HO seemed somewhat larger than the image posted here. There's still a lot of extra bone there, but my range has remained good so far.

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    Yeah my dr said I should be in for 5 days. That's awesome that yours went smoothly the way it did. Just like yours, mine's only taking out what he needs to give me back more range of motion.

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    Colin83....that is a very cool picture you got....what kind of image is that? I too have HO in my right hip but can still get 90 degrees range of motion. We found my HO very early before any calcium was laid down and I started Didronel right away but it seems to have had little effect stopping the HO. Playing the waiting game for now, but there really do not seem to be HO specialists as it is a somewhat rare complication. Here is a picture of my HO just for kicks.


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    Hey Dave. It's a CAT scan. Yeah, my rehab center put me on didronel too but it didn't do much to stop the formation. How much range do you have past 90 ? You're right. Not very many dr's deal with HO.

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    May your surgeons healing hands be bathed in the light as he goes about his work - all the best Colin !

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