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Thread: Will VA fill prescriptions from non VA Drs.

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    Will VA fill prescriptions from non VA Drs.

    I have Medicare as well as VA. A Humana representative said I could get their coverage without the prescription coverage and VA would take care of prescriptions.
    Does any know if this is true.

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    No. You must have a VA provider prescribe any medications (or supplies) obtained through the VA. You should establish a VA provider (ideally through the local SCI clinic) and then ask to have them set you up with "co-managed care" with your non-VA provider.


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    Thank you for your quick response.

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    If you also have Tricare coverage, which you probably do only if you have a blue or tan ID, you can fill your paper prescriptions at any Military Treatment Facility for Free. You can also use the Home Delivery plan for a very small copay.
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