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Thread: Need Help, My swivel car seat wont work!

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    Curt, you think there is some sort of solenoid relay in that motor like on a starter? Not too familiar with the subject in question...but when a hammer is involved to make it work....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curt Leatherbee View Post
    It more than likely will work ok the next time around, there is a dead spot on the motor armature and when it hits that spot it stops working, that's why giving it a little tap fixes it. Chances are though it will not stop exactly on that dead spot for a while. Just give it another tap if it does not work.
    Thanks for that info! I will rest better now.

    Now..another new bag/luggage is sooo heavy..that my frog legs in front -- when they hit the deep grooves in my darn driveway...sink in..and I almost go out I had to literally go sooo slow. no way I can carry it on lap with another duffle on top as I had planned. or any crack I will hit will cause frog leg sink and out I go!

    I will curb check it..and hope it works out that I can and then park...they let me do another time as I was "disabled" but they do not usually allow curb checking while you leave your car drop off area.

    darn frog legs (
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    What about going back to the taxi, or airport limo to the airport?

    Call the airport ahead, and see what the policy for curb checking is, I don't see why you couldn't, as long as you leave yourself plenty of time to check bags, go park and get back.
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    Either bag have wheels? I pull one behind. No one to give you a ride to the airport? At Orlando they have long term parking, with buses that take you to the terminal. The drivers help load and unload your bags. Anything like that at your airport?
    Find a red cap, give them both bags, tell them you have to park the car.
    Oddly the park and fly's at Orlando seem to have no handicap transport.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldfatdad View Post
    Oddly the park and fly's at Orlando seem to have no handicap transport.
    This is why I don't use the Park and Fly out of Orlando. We do get free parking at the MCO airport, though. So long as the vehicle is equipped with hand controls and/or a lift, parking is free.
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