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Thread: modify bike wheels for chair

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    modify bike wheels for chair

    My current wheels, honnestly, are just fine, but I'd love to get another pair, to have as extras, and to like, really, yes, just have a COOL pair. Is it possible to modify the rims of bike wheels, to just drill holes to attach the handrims to the rims, and use them as wheelchair wheels? Will they work with wheelchair style quick release axles? I ask b/c I've seen some really cool used bike wheels, fairly cheap, and, wow, I wondered if they would work for wheelchairs if modified.
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    The biggest challenge would adapting/changing the hub. Bike hubs have an integral axle protruding on two sides; WC hubs use axles on one side only (typically a quick release style.

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    I think the axles are different diameters, too, so you'd have to use different bearings - if swapping axles is possible. I've never tried. If you decide to try it, please post about your experience.
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    OK, so maybe with the axle thing this isn't a project for me. Oh well... They do look awfully cool, though. I may just go for some X-cores or something, if I find some cheap enough. Thanks, Chas.
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