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Thread: new house

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    Beautiful home.

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    Pretty work Kirk!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue Pendleton View Post
    Two things I remember from previous versions of CC. First, for attached garages make sure you get an exception to code for the one step down from the house that most jurisdictions require.
    I can't find a picture of it, but in Finland I saw doors that just inside had a metal grate over a sump pit to catch the melting snow falling off boots and coats. Something like that next to the door but inside the garage would catch any spills that might happen in the garage. You might also spec the slope of the garage just a bit steeper than normal to make sure nothing comes into the house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KSpell View Post
    The kitchen footprint has not been finalized,...
    I would definitely work on the fridge access if you use side by side or pullout lower freezer. Maybe angle it so you are approaching it from the center of the kitchen.

    Do you really need the wall around the shower? You are limiting access for a hoyer lift and to one side of the toilet should you ever need a caregiver. I made that mistake years 10 ago. Then things changed and I need to do a BP for my wife. Much harder for me to do it from the left side being right handed. Next time the toilet will be accessible on both sides.

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    were surveying and pining the house today, and digging on Thurs. I'm officially in phase 2!

    IsMaisin: I'm putting floor drains in the center of both car "stalls" to catch any run off & make cleaning the floor much easier. the floor will be sloped @ .25"/1' grade until 10' to the house and then level off leaving plenty of usable space for my work bench & tools.

    MSspouse: the fridge access is more open than what I currently have; & I have no problems.

    I specifically designed the shower for heat retension, & multiple showerhead placement. I use a shower camode chair so easy hoyer access isn't currently my priority.

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    plans finalized

    I just received the final plans from the designer. we are also pouring the basement floor today, so I'm onto phase 3 (framing).

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