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Thread: The Surge Handrim

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    The Surge Handrim

    saw this on a 3Rivers email.

    SCI_OTR, you should've patented your idea based on the 3M 2242 rubber tape.

    Surge Benefits and Features:

    Lightweight, all-in-one single component
    Gription strip improves traction on every push
    Oval shape comes in two sizes to fit the hand
    Smooth side surface means no-burn braking
    Close-in mount or wide mount options
    Fits on 24" and 25" wheels with more sizes to come
    SRP: Surge - $315/pair and the Surge LT - $340/pair

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    Senior Member DaleB's Avatar
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    Nice idea. Good to see another alternative come to market. I wonder what the 'gription' strip will feel like after a few chunks gouge out of it?

    He who hears not me but the Logos will say: All is one.

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    Those look cool. Are they rubber? It would be better. I think, if the sides were metal and it just had the rubber strip in the middle. I use the vinyl coated rims and they constantly tear on door frames, furniture etc..

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    no-burn braking? where's the fun in that? not to mention the glory...

    c'mon one of you rich guys, order some and give us a review. I thought blax were expensive.

    I do like the oval factor, seems more ergo.. although I guess alot of quads don't actually fist their handrims anyways.

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    I actually joked with Ron Bonninger at Three Rivers that I wanted royalties. He saw my original posts about the Scotch 2242 rubber splicing tape I was using and we have discussed the issue on several occasions.

    The "Gription" material feels almost identical to the urethane used in a Frog Legs SR caster and the transition between materials is hardly noticeable, so the seam shouldn't be a source of irritation.

    Time will tell if it will chunk out or not after the inevitable hard impacts with corners and sharp edges. Maybe it will bounce back like a FLAHSR.

    I could have used them the last few days for better efficiency on this hotel carpet (including ramps). Given the price and the fact it is a newly released product, however, I want to see how they do in the field for awhile before I'd think about getting them for my own chair.

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    you should request them to send you a demo set to review, especially if your posts gave them the idea in the first place.

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    they look very similar to dual grip handrims - maybe these are an evolution?

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    I was impressed with these rims and was told at their booth they would be available in a couple months.

    Marty Ball was using them and sporting a blister! As someone who has been pushing on my tires for years, I liked these rims, but worry that I'll develope the same blister as Marty!


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    Oh, and the FreeWheel made that carpet much easier, BTW. Just sayin!

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    Thanks Scott for the heads up on this new hand rim. Thanks SCI OTR for sharing some info on it and I think its cool that your project with 3M Scotch 2242 Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape seems to have inspired The Surge!

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