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Thread: Here is a good website for Digital photo tools

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    Here is a good website for Digital photo tools

    I know this has nothing to do with SCI but thought I would share anyway.

    I purchased Batch Picture Resizer from and the program works great and has a lot of options! I wanted to resize multiple pictures at one time to e-mail. With pictures being so large nowadays you can only e-mail one or two without filling someone's e-mail box this program allows you to send many more without losing a lot of quality. They have a lot of other programs at reasonable prices as well ( ). I highly recommend them!

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    There are lot of free programs that do this. Picaca is one of them. also if you have a google plus account any photo you upload is resized to reasonable resolution. I also think the windows live photo gallery tool will do it. It would be silly to pay for a program that does this these days.

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