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    I recently changed insurance. They said I need have a physical within 90 days. will I have to give a urine sample and if so do I have to worry bcuz I been smoking weed everyday now for two months since its only thing help me sleep. Idk if I can lose my insurance over that. Am I tripping?

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    what kind of insurance?

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    Urine samples to look for marijuana/drugs are not a standard part of a new doctor visit. I've never heard of this as a reason for losing insurance. This is usually just between you and your doctor.

    But if you have a job that is paying for your insurance, you will need to check with your employer if drug testing is a requirement for your job. Usually you know that up front and you have regular drug testing independent from your personal doctor visits. But this testing is not usually done at your private doctor visits, but at a general work/drug testing clinic.

    It is a little unusual though to be required to have a new doctor visit within 90 days of starting with a new insurance. Maybe some HMOs are doing this now because they want to keep you healthy, and that's not a bad thing.

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    Thanks. I changed health plans so I can keep my primary Dr. his contract ended with health net. And I had to change to Molina to follow him.

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    I'm not working

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    Quote Originally Posted by creeper619 View Post
    I'm not working
    Then you should be fine. Hopefully you have a good relationship with your doc and you trust him enough to tell him about your M use. If you are using it for reasons related to your injury/health, I'm sure you know that many people who voted last week agreed that you should have the freedom to do so.

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