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Thread: Thank you to Steven Edwards for getting CareCure back on line

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    Thank you to Steven Edwards for getting CareCure back on line

    CareCure was down for the longest time in its history, 4 days. The server has been slow since we reactivated it after the hurricane Sandy passed on Wednesday October 31. Sandy had shut power down in Piscatway on October 30. The emergency generators kicked in and should have sustained the servers for at least 24 hours. However, they failed for some reason within 14 hours. Because of this, the servers were just shut off without an orderly shutdown.

    When power was restored on October 31, Wednesday, Steven Edwards restarted the server and it was initially very slow. This seemed to get better over the next day or so. By Friday November 2, however, the server was taking many minutes to deliver a single page and the server really did not function well between November 3 and 5. It was non-operational on November 5-9. According to Steven, something was wrong with the database. He finally got it running yesterday evening and is still checking on its function.

    So, thank you.


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    Thanks, Steven. You hardcore.

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    Thanks, Steven! What I would do for an ounce of your brain power.

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    Steven, thanks so much for getting things straightened out.

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    Thank you!

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    Mr. Edwards is the bomb! Thanks Steven for restoring our daily fix

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    I think he should reproduce immediately ... spread the fountain of knowledge! C'mon now ... don't be greedy!
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    If things were running very slow it was probably a result of using "saved" information as opposed to recreating the new information. Users, like me, WERE using saved information. I do not know if that was information on my laptop or your site, but I DO KNOW I was getting messages telling me it was saved information. Some pages would reload while others crashed. I was able to get by the login screen because it used "saved" information from somewhere. I was no able to create any tranaction that would create new data or alter existing. I was basically only in a "view" mode.
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    Thanks yet again Mr.Edwards - what on earth or in space would we do without your nerd magic You are the resident CC man

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