CareCure was down for the longest time in its history, 4 days. The server has been slow since we reactivated it after the hurricane Sandy passed on Wednesday October 31. Sandy had shut power down in Piscatway on October 30. The emergency generators kicked in and should have sustained the servers for at least 24 hours. However, they failed for some reason within 14 hours. Because of this, the servers were just shut off without an orderly shutdown.

When power was restored on October 31, Wednesday, Steven Edwards restarted the server and it was initially very slow. This seemed to get better over the next day or so. By Friday November 2, however, the server was taking many minutes to deliver a single page and the server really did not function well between November 3 and 5. It was non-operational on November 5-9. According to Steven, something was wrong with the database. He finally got it running yesterday evening and is still checking on its function.

So, thank you.